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The ‘Alice Cullen’ Hairstyle Is Back From The Twilight Era

In the fleeting world of beauty and style, trends have a way of making triumphant returns, bringing along a wave of nostalgia and renewed fascination. The ‘Alice Cullen’ hairstyle is one such edgy resurgence, inspired by the iconic character from the Twilight saga.

Fifteen years have slipped by since Twilight first graced our screens, sparking fierce allegiance to ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’. It was in 2009, that we first met Edward’s psychic adopted sister-vampire played by Ashley Greene, who had an irresistible charm to her and her unique haircut was a part of her quirky personality. Even now, just like a vampire’s eternal beauty, the appeal of Alice’s unique hairstyle shows no signs of waning.

Alice Cullen Hair©IMDb

With over 14 million views on TikTok and a devoted fan following, it’s safe to say that the Alice Cullen hairstyle is back with a bang, reimagined and embraced by a new generation.

What Is The ‘Alice Cullen’ Hairstyle?

Drawing inspiration from characters like Wednesday Addams and embracing the spirit of hybrid cuts like the Bixie (bob-pixie cut) and Mixie (mullet-pixie cut), the Alice Cullen hair trend has reeled in beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Alice Cullen Hair©IMDb

Aptly described as a Shixie—a fusion of the shag’s texture and the grown-out pixie’s charm. This dynamic cut boasts a razored fringe reminiscent of the 70s and a structure that evolves throughout the Twilight saga, shifting from longer flicks to shorter and spikier. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for those transitioning from a pixie cut or seeking a bold change, while also retaining an element of playfulness.

Why Is The ‘Alice Cullen’ Hairstyle Gaining Popularity Now?

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The resurgence of this trend can be attributed, in part, to the influence of a tiny yet powerful figure—the eight-year-old daughter of a TikTok-savvy mom named Kayla Noel. The viral video showcasing her daughter’s fearless transformation into an Alice Cullen aficionado struck a chord with millions, capturing the spirit of reinvention and playful exploration. With almost 3 million likes and countless comments in admiration of the brave chop, the video has ignited a fire of curiosity and intrigue among viewers, inspiring them to consider trying it out themselves.

Who Can Rock The ‘Alice Cullen’ Hairstyle?

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One of the best features of the Alice Cullen haircut is its versatility, catering to an array of hair types and face shapes. This haircut finds its muse in wavy or longer curly hair, where its layers can enhance the natural curl pattern. For those with straighter hair, a touch of styling finesse is needed to achieve the desired look, while coily hair can be smoothed and shaped to perfection. The androgynous elements of the cut make it universally appealing, suitable for anyone seeking a fusion of edginess and elegance.

How to Style The ‘Alice Cullen’ Haircut?

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Creating the Alice Cullen look is an artful blend of technique and product prowess. Allow your hair to air dry or use a large brush and dryer to enhance the curl definition. For added body, a volumising mousse becomes your trusty companion, while flicks and movement can be expertly crafted using a straightening iron. Curly hair types find solace in hair spray and a light curl cream, ensuring that each coil dances to its own rhythm.

The Conversation with Your Stylist

It’s essential to convey your desires through reference photos, allowing your stylist to sculpt a tailored version of the cut that complements your hair type, facial features and personal style. The bottom length falling around or just below the chin lays the foundation for the spiky allure, achieved by expertly flipping out the layers with a round brush or curling iron. Secure the mane with hairspray or wax to lock in the sculpted elegance.

How To Maintain The ‘Alice Cullen’ Hairstyle?

Alice Cullen Hair©Instagram

As with any nerve-wracking transformation, the Alice Cullen hairstyle requires gentle care to preserve its essence. Regular trims ensure the structural integrity of the layers, while also maintaining the desired length in the back and the playful texture that defines this trend. Investing in quality hair care products, such as a good hair primer, is a thoughtful way to extend the life of your cut, and also nurturing its vibrancy and flair.

So, whether you’re yearning to revive your middle school dreams with a grown-up twist (YOLO, right?), aiming to rebrand your look, or stepping into a new era where you are allowing your inner child to find solace, the Alice Cullen hairstyle is your golden ticket to transformation.