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Lizzo Just Made Mismatched Nails A Thing And We Love Them

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Finding the perfect nail artmanicure that suits the vibe of the month can get exhausting. With so many options and ideas to choose from, picking just one is quite hard. With the summers still going strong, vibrant, edgy nails that resonate with all the fun you are having are the need of the hour.

And thankfully for us, Lizzo just gave us the nail art trend of the season— mismatched nails. To simplify, each one of Lizzo’s nails had completely different and unique designs, ranging from cherries and flames to smilies and quirky text. Bold, unique, and fun, this Summer, ditch your usual perfectly coordinated nails for a mismatched manicure that will give you the best of all worlds. And we’ve rounded up all the inspiration you need.

Berry Summer Mood

Orange and Pink is a colour combination that screams Summer. Sport it in perfectly mismatched fashion with a mix of flowers, swirls, and checks as seen here.

Tropical Pastels

Who said that pastels can’t be bold and fun? Add some fun graphics to your nails with soft pastel shades, giving your manicure a cute yet quirky look.

Same, But Different

Created with just two shades, this bold nail art is what organised chaos looks like. Switch the base colour on each hand and have fun with the colours used for the nail art to get the summer-y manicure of your dreams.

Pop Of Summer

3D nails have been the biggest craze of 2022, so it was only fitting to bring our favourite manicure trend back with some vibrant summer colours. Add a lot of texture and pop colours to really ace the go-to nail look this season.

Candy Zebra

Love to rock quirky animal prints? Then this manicure is for you. Opt for a gradient rainbow base topped with classic white zebra stripes for a unique look that’ll ensure your talons stand out.