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The ‘Old Money’ Manicure Channels The Ultimate Quiet Luxury Vibe

Amid the noise of flashy maximalism, ‘Old Money’ nails are emerging as the epitome of quiet luxury. Picture classic colours, soft details and an allure that transcends the fleeting nature of trends. Ahead, let’s discover how to effortlessly embrace this nail trend, crafting a manicure that speaks volumes in its quiet sophistication.

What are ‘Old Money’ Nails?

Old money nails encapsulate a classic, minimalist approach to nail art, drawing inspiration from the sophisticated enclaves of Park Avenue and the timeless estates of New England. Soft pinks, neutrals and occasional bursts of rich reds or deep blues define this aesthetic, offering an understated sense of luxury reminiscent of the effortlessly chic Princess Diana.

How to Get ‘Old Money’ Nails?

To embody the elegance of ‘Old Money’ nails, gravitate toward classic colours such as deep burgundy, soft pinks and neutrals. Whether opting for a traditional French manicure or a neutral base with white tips, the key lies in clean cuticle work, a minimalist shaping approach, and a medium-length squoval or short square nail shape. This is the perfect balance between quiet luxury and sophisticated simplicity à la Hailey Bieber and Sofia Richie Grainge, among others.

DIY Elegance at Home

Achieving ‘Old Money’ nails at home is within reach, with the right approach. Begin with well-hydrated cuticles using hand lotions and cuticle creams. Choose muted neutral shades for that timeless finish. For salon visits, request a diffused French manicure, or a semi-sheer nude or even a rich burgundy look for colder, festive seasons. Certified manicure artists can ensure clean cuticles for a polished look.

Modern Twists on Tradition

While rooted in classic elegance, ‘Old Money’ nails are experiencing a contemporary renaissance. Enthusiasts are infusing modern twists, experimenting with different shapes and finishes. From pearlescent almond-shaped French tips to playful colour variations, there’s room for creativity within the boundaries of sophistication.

This subtle yet impactful manicure allows you to always be on trend, proving that true style transcends the waves of passing fads.