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#HELLOTrends: A Facial Gym Workout Is The Only Workout You Need To Do Today!

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Face Gym, as the name suggests, works with the same ethos of usual workouts for the body; flexing, toning and stretching the muscles—applied to your face. We’ve all known HIIT to be the best form of workout to achieve a summer-ready body; face gym will give you the exact same results for your face, with sky-high cheekbones and a sculpted face that defies the laws of physics.

Facial Muscle Stimulation, a concept that is used in facial workouts, simply activates and works the 40 muscles in your face to make them firmer. Not only does it firm and tighten the skin, but also stimulates collagen—the protein that makes our face look younger, helps with skin renewal, and reduces fine lines.

If you don’t have an aesthetician at your disposal, here are a few facial workout routines for you to try at home (maybe also throw in some facial tools while you’re at it). But before you start this routine, make sure to apply a few drops of your favourite facial oil or serum for a smoother glide.

The ‘Snatched’ Facial

A beginner-friendly routine for the perfectly snatched face, this massage will help with lymphatic drainage and increase blood circulation in just four steps. This face workout can be done with just your fingers, which makes it perfect for those who’d like to get in a workout on-the-go!

Step 1: You can start off by gently massaging across your jawline. Make sure you don’t pull your skin though to avoid any kind of bruising.

Step 2: Create a hook with your index finger and gently glide it towards your ears, across your cheeks. This will help sculpt your cheekbones and give them definition.

Step 3: Once you are done with the first two steps, it’s time to release the tension around your cheeks and mouth. Fix a finger on the edge of your lip with one hand, then glide the fingers of your other hand from the mouth towards your ears. Make sure your fingers are firmly pressed as that helps in releasing tension in the muscles.

Step 4: Finally, use your knuckles to sculpt your cheekbones, giving them greater definition. Remember that before you start any facial exercise, you need to apply a nourishing yet lightweight serum or facial oil to ensure your fingers glide sans friction.

The Calming Flow Facial

One of the key steps for any facial exercise is to increase and stimulate blood flow. These facial rituals are not only great for your skin but are also very relaxing. Adding this to your daily morning routine will bring in holistic healing for your body, mind, and soul. Which is why, while doing this exercise, you need to focus on aligning your breathing pattern along with your hand gestures.

Step 1: After applying a few drops of facial oil on your face and neck, gently massage the oiled area using slow movements. Take your time and focus on the process—work on gentle, swift gestures on your face and gradually work your way down towards your neck and shoulders.

Step 2: Keeping your palms on your face for a few minutes can help in relaxation while releasing tension and stiffness from your facial muscles. This method is also a form of meditation so it’s important to do it while you are in a relaxed state of mind. Doing this every day in the morning can help reduce puffiness and flush out any toxins while also giving you a natural and healthy glow.

The Dermaroller Facial

A Dermaroller is one of the best devices you can use to improve your skin’s elasticity and boost collagen. Its microneedles eseentially puncture your skin that helps absorb products better and also causes your skin to regenerate, helping with any latent hyperpigmention you may have. If you’ve intrigued with the dermaroller hype, here’s how you can add it to your skincare routine.

Step 1: Always start off by prepping your skin with a facial oil, serum or essence so that the roller glides easily. Remember, the roller helps your skin absorb product better, so use a oil, serum or essence that’s super beneficial to your skin.

Step 2: Take your dermaroller and move it along your face. Be sure to move it in horizontal, vertical and diagnol movements across your face or along one portion of your face [like along the chin shown in the above video].

Step 3: Once you are done using the dermaroller, finish off with some facial exercises. Remember to tone your face after and apply SPF before you step out.

Deep Tissue Facial

A facial exercise that boosts collagen products, reduces wrinkles, and makes your skin look radiant as ever? Yes, please! The deep tissue facial exercise is perfect for releasing muscular tension, depuffing, improving blood flow, and boosting the production of collagen and elastin in your skin, which directly works on reducing wrinkles.

Step 1: Take a hold of the skin along your cheeks and pinch it as you move upwards. Be sure to also stretch it out while pinching to get. the most out of the massage.

Step 2: Make sure to hold as much skin as possible since it’ll be more beneficial. Then, firmly massage the area around your mouth and eyes to get rid of those smile lines and under-eye bags.

And there you have it! So make sure you slot a few minutes in your day to get in a facial workout. Your skin will thank you!

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