Content Creator Palak Sheth Shares Some Helpful Holi Skincare Tips

Holi is here, and if you plan on celebrating the festival by indulging in a friendly colour fight with your close ones, it’s important to spare a moment to safeguard your skin. After all, no one wants to deal with the after effects of the chemicals mixed into these colours getting soaked into your pores and leading to difficulty later. But if contrary advice from various sources has you all confused, we’re getting some help from beauty and lifestyle content creator Palak Sheth Ghose.

A scroll through Palak’s Instagram will introduce you to her love for coffee, skincare and making healthier choices to stay in top form, both mentally and physically. The 34-year-old began her journey as a content creator, when the pandemic had forced us all indoors and freed up a lot of our time.

“I really started focusing on my health. I started working out regularly, cooking — obviously, because we had to — and that led me to wanting to document my journey on social media,” Palak says. She first started off with posting healthy recipes online and today, she has amassed a loyal following of about 60,000 people. “Soon, I realised that everything is interconnected, like leading a healthy life also includes taking care of your skin and how you feel mentally,” she says.

With a consistent beauty routine accompanied by a healthy diet and lifestyle, Palak Sheth Ghose is regularly spotted showing off her glass skin and her guide to achieving them. With our curiosity about her skin’s secrets peaked, we got in touch to know about her skincare routines and her advice on how to protect your skin for Holi. Read our interview to get some helpful Holi skincare tips to enjoy a carefree and colourful day:

Holi Skincare Tips Ft Palak Sheth Ghose

HELLO!: When did you really start getting interested in skincare?

Palak Sheth Ghose: “About two years back when I really started noticing how healthy eating habits, workouts, all of those things really helped. But of course, using the right skincare products and routines that work for you is equally important as well.”

H!: Can you take us through your AM and PM skincare routines?

PSG: “In the mornings, I generally start by using a face wash. I enjoy using something cream based because my skin is pretty dry, so nothing that’s very harsh. The next step is a milk-based toner because again, my skin is very dry, or sometimes a face mist. Then, for serum, I generally use something hydrating with hyaluronic acid. Or, if I’m breaking out, then maybe something with niacinamide or salicylic acid. Then, an under eye cream, then obviously a moisturiser and sunscreen, which I make sure to reapply every three to four hours.

And for night, I always double cleanse regardless of whether I’ve used makeup or not. My second step is usually an anti-aging serum. Either retinol or something else that has antioxidants or anti-aging properties. Again, an under eye cream… something de-puffing for the night. Then, a moisturiser and I love following it up with a facial oil because when I wake up the next morning, my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight in the mornings… It always feels softer.”

H!: Skincare and diet go hand-in-hand. What are some things you eat to keep your skin in top shape?

PSG: “I definitely have some supplements that help, like my multivitamins and collagen. Apart from that, when it comes to food, I try to have probiotics like yogurt and try to get in as many healthy fats like avocado, peanut butter, dry fruits and olives, because that’s really important for your skin health and to ensure that your skin barrier is strong. And I try to stay away from deep fried or overly processed foods and sodas because their after-effects always show up on my skin.”

H!: How much water do you drink in a day?

PSG: “I aim for 2.5 litres, but I honestly am able to manage 1.5 to 2 litres.”

H!: How does one best prepare their skin for Holi?

PSG: “My advice would be that definitely don’t use anything harsh or any actives the morning you are going to play. Use something hydrating like hyaluronic serum or just apply a thick layer of moisturiser. Don’t forget to apply lots of sunscreen on your face and body. For your hair, I’d recommend applying some hair oil so that any colours can be washed off easily, once you’re back.”

H!: Do you have any must-do steps to ensure removal of colour with minimal damage to your skin?

PGS: “Double cleansing, definitely. The first cleanse is always a balmy texture, so it’s sort of like a moisturiser and it never damages your skin, while gently removing the sunscreen and all the colours without stripping your skin of anything essential. And then I would follow it up with something foam or gel based. So, yeah, I would say double cleansing on the day of Holi cannot be skipped!”

H!: What are you saying HELLO! to this year?

PSG: “I recently just launched my youtube channel and i really uh want to focus on growing that because I really want to build a community and put out some great long-form content, which is something that I love.”