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6 Skincare Secrets That Keep Michelle Yeoh Young At 60

Actress Michelle Yeoh may have won you over playing the gatekeeper mom of Henry Golding in Crazy Rich Asians and the Golden Globe-winning role of laundromat owner Evelyn Wang in the runaway-hit Everything Everywhere All At Once, but the seasoned actress has been ruling our screens for decades now. Yeoh’s Wang has not only drawn Oscar whispers but also cemented her status as a movie star for the ages.

But did you know that she has played Bond girl Colonel Wai Lin in Tomorrow Never Dies, geisha doyenne Mameha in Memoirs of a Geisha; and Yu Shu Lien in Ang Lee’s wuxia epic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (just to name a few.) Not only this, Yeoh is also a former pageant queen (she won the title of Miss Malaysia in 1983 at the age of 20) and ballet dancer. As someone who’s been in the spotlight since a young age, we often wonder how she’s managed to maintain her flawless complexion through the years.

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Secrets

While the 60-year-old actress has shared a few skincare secrets she swears by, it could also be her daredevil spirit that’s kept her young. “We had wild times,” Michelle shared in an interview, referencing her time working with Jackie Chan. “People thought we were using green screens. Jackie and I would look at each other, like, ‘What green screen?’”

No, she doesn’t perform her own stunts anymore, but she does have a diligent masking schedule like any ‘crazy rich Asian’. Keep reading for some of Yeoh’s anti-aging skincare tips. And no, it’s not just “drinking water.”

She uses these skincare staples for glowing skin

Yeoh uses a two-step duo consisting of the Augustinus Bader moisturizer and Tatcha smoothing essence to create her glowing skin concoction. Augustinus Bader has become synonymous with celebrity skincare routines, so while it does come with a hefty price tag, it boasts the clientele and glowing reviews to prove it’s a winner. The actress also uses the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Mask, which is an intensive replenishing skincare item formulated to treat skin that has been damaged by emotional and environmental stress.

She never skips SPF

Yeoh is an ardent fan of sun protection. “I also used to suntan back in the ’80s when it was trendy to do so. But I noticed that doing so aged my skin, so I stopped and now, I never go anywhere without slapping on sunscreen first,” she confirmed. The actress credits her grandmother for her love for all things skincare and SPF.

She uses a sheet mask and eye patches every day

Yeoh’s makeup artist, Sabrina Bedrani, revealed that the age-defying beauty uses one sheet mask once a day to keep her skin hydrated and plump. Bedrani went on to explain, “She is very, very good about her skin care. Every time I show up, she’s already got a mask or eye patches on. I bring them in my bag with me, but I never need to use them, she’s always prepared. She travels a lot, not just New York to L.A. but from Canada to Bali to Shanghai. She’s always on those 14-hour flights and she keeps her skin incredibly hydrated.”

She exercises every day without fail

Yeoh has an intensive exercise routine that she follows on a daily basis. It’s normal for her to do two hours of cardio every day to maintain her physique. “For me exercising is the most important,” she shared. A brisk four-to-six-mile walk provides an out-from-within radiance no highlighter can match. “I get this glow after I exercise that comes right from your core,” the actress said. “Your skin looks better right away. That’s my meditation as well, to be able to focus.” Yeoh also loves shadowboxing and does yoga often. You might be able to spot her exercising outdoors, as she enjoys being surrounded by nature.

She is known to ‘eat like a bird’

The martial arts star is a slow eater as she loves to savour her meals, and generally eats many small meals a day rather than one or two big meals. Although she focuses on eating fruits and vegetables, some of her favourite indulgences include red wine, cheesecake, chocolate and frozen yoghurt. However, she cuts out sugar from her diet as far as possible because her family has a history of diabetes.

She finishes her warm showers with a splash of cold water

Yeoh begins her days with a warm shower but loves to turn the temperature down to ice-cold at the very end. While the shocking cold temperature is something to get used to, she really enjoys doing it as she feels that it is quite refreshing and rejuvenates her skin.