Eesha Kulkarni

Bridgerton South Asian Rep

Brilliant Films & TV Shows With South Asian Representation

South Asian representation in Hollywood has alway been limited to one-dimensional token characters (read, caricatures) in the form of stereotypical software geeks, gas station managers and taxi drivers. These roles barely contributed anything to the storyline or plot of the movies and TV shows we all watched growing up, and were basically used as a

Sonakshi Sinha Huma Qureshi in Double XL

The Trailer For ‘Double XL’ Has Dropped

Double XL’s trailer, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi, has just dropped and it suggests how Bollywood can finally serve an audience neglected by decades of poorly drawn caricatures of fat women in films. The movie will chronicle the lives of two plus-sized women battling societal norms, unrealistic beauty standards, body shaming, body dysmo

Sydney Sweeney at Red Carpet

Sydney Sweeney Is The New ‘Barbarella’

Hollywood’s rising star Sydney Sweeney is going to be at the helm of a classic 1968 Jane Fonda movie remake—Barbarella. Sweeney has earned quite the prodigy status at Sony Pictures, with multiple projects from the production house added to her slate after her Emmy-nominated performances in HBO’s White Lotus and Euphoria raked up a storm in the indu