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10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Diwali Decor Inspiration

With Diwali right around the corner, we’re sure each one of us has begun our yearly frantic cleaning and redecorating regime to spruce up our homes. While each one of us has a distinct personal style when it comes to interior decorating, we all could benefit from some inspiration and styling tips dished out by experts and skilled decor enthusiasts on their Instagram profiles.

The days when we’d flip through the pages of interior design and decor magazines to bookmark the ideas that caught our fancy are history. Now, it’s all about saving or screen recording decor inspirations off social media, and we think the emergence of creative communities to bounce off ideas across borders is beautiful. More the merrier, right?

From fun ideas on decorating your diyas and lanterns to balcony makeovers and living room transformations, we’ve curated a list of Instagram accounts to supply endless Diwali home decor inspiration.

Kruti Badiani (@Myhomevibes)

Decor stylist Kruti Badiani’s Instagram page is a great source of home decor inspiration for the upcoming festive season. From easy DIY decor hacks and tips on colour theory to quick guides on cultivating indoor gardens and creating accent walls, Badiani’s profile is a treasure trove of interior design inspiration for Diwali.

Tanvi Agarwal (@Wandererinvogue)

If your home decor style leans more towards all things hippie, bohemian, and splashes of vivid colours, follow Tanvi Agarwal for Diwali inspo. Her gorgeous feed will provide you with guidance on handmade decor items, locally-sourced materials and Indian brands and artisans to acquire trinkets and unique decor pieces to spruce up your home for the festival of lights. From ornate candle stands, flower vases, frames and indoor greens, to fairy lights and dreamcatchers, Agarwal’s profile will help you create cosy corners in your abode.

Tara Lange (@J.O.Y.H.O.M.E)

Just as the Instagram handle suggests, Tara Lange’s account will help you design a joyous space for the impending festivities. Lange’s home in Finland screams hippie and gypsy-core and there’s plenty to get inspired from if your style is just that. The decor aficionado fell in love with Goa and its culture and vibe, and decided to take a slice of it with her to her homeland. ‘Décor must create joy’ is one rule she abides by and her Instagram feed stands as testament to that. Lange’s abode has hundreds of vibrant indoor plants enlivening the space, refreshing yellow and turquoise walls, floral wallpapers and tropical-inspired vintage rugs and furniture to steal ideas from. If you’re looking to purchase new home decor items or redecorate just in time for Diwali, add this account to your moodboard, stat!

Navneet Sandhu Singh (@Designdecortravel)

Architect, interior stylist and upcycling artist, Navneet’s design philosophy abides by curating sustainable decor and practising ethical material sourcing. An upcycled haven, Singh’s Instagram feed will inspire you to try your hand at DIY-ing. With a slew of gorgeous upcycled items, travel collectibles, mementos and traditional vernacular pieces displayed in her abode, Singh’s account will help you with hacks to create pocket-friendly and beautiful spaces and objects of everyone’s envy.

Shilpi (@shilpshilpabhi)

If you want to show off your green thumb in style, make sure to follow Shilpi’s profile. A DIY decor enthusiast, this account will provide you with a myriad of ways to make your own decor at home and transform your spaces for the festive season using fresh flowers, colourful cushions, intricate upholstery, photo frames, lights and stand-out metal elements. You’ll also learn a few tricks to decorate the balconies, living rooms and cosy nooks and crannies of your abodes.

Indian Decor Ideas (@indiandecorideas)

If boho-chic is your go-to style, check out this Instagram page for some festive design ideas from interior design studios and decor enthusiasts across the platform. The profile is a mix of eclectic, colourful, contemporary and India-rooted decor ideas that will help you transform your home this Diwali.

Mamta Sharma Das (@thebohobaalika)

Another Instagram decor book you need to take a leaf out of for both your fashion and interior design fixes is this one. While Sharma Das is predominantly known for her sartorial prowess while draping saris and all things handloom, her eye for creativity and detail reflects in her interior decor style as well. The blogger and stylist describes her aesthetic as ‘eclectic maximalism,’ and is a textile, history, art and design junkie. The blogger’s brilliant fashion sense ties well with her knack for interior design and we can see that through the bits and pieces of her tastefully done home interiors that she regularly shares on social media.

Mohicka Gupta (@cosyquirk)

Warm and nostalgic tones float in every corner of Gupta’s home and we all want a piece of that. A reflection of her radiant personality, travel sojourns and cultural experiences, the blogger’s home decor consists of sustainable and upcycled custom-made pieces. Expect loads of blues, yellows and greens in her spaces and her Insta feed. What else do you need to brighten up your home for Diwali?

Anuradha Kapoor (@Anuraya_by_anuradhakapoor)

Kapoor is an interior designer whose design philosophy is deeply influenced by colours, patterns, textures and vernacular arts. Her home and Instagram account perfectly illustrate Indian heritage, arts and crafts, with eclecticism as a ubiquitous theme. The designer even makes handmade decor at home and beautifully displays it along with precious family heirlooms and collectibles from her extensive travels. Follow her feed for wall paintings, vivid colours, lush textiles, ornate lamps, furnishings, indoor greens and traditional decor inspo!

Rukmini Ray Kadam (@Trumatter)

Rukmini Ray, a.k.a Trumatter, is the brains behind this award-winning home decor blog and Instagram page to die for. Her easy and cosy home decor hacks can help you beautify a drab corner of your home in an instant with the use of strategic furniture and decor placement, fresh flowers, hand-printed textiles and design and living ideas to create an informal and inviting home. Run, don’t walk, to her account for ideas on how to create warm corners, graceful tablescapes, and sprinkle a bit of colour, whimsy and movement to any space you want to host a Diwali party in!