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6 Homegrown Brands That Should Be On Every Dog Parent’s Radar

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Your furry, four-legged companions deserve the best of the best, from what they eat to what they play with. Over the past few years, many enterprising pet parents have made incredible strides in creating brands that cater to your dog’s every need and make your life much easier and happier as a fellow pet parent.

Ever since the pandemic, the pet care industry in India has seen a massive boom. According to reports, it’s growing 13.9 percent annually and is already the fastest-growing pet care market in the world. It’s even projected that the industry will reach $800 million by 2025.

Best Indian Pet Care Brands For Every Need

Which is why, we’ve curated a list of Indian companies that are creating products and services that are perfect for your pets…

For pet photography: Pawparazzi

Prathima Pingale’s love and passion for dogs led her to create this pet-focused photography company in 2019. Pingale is right when she writes that she has the “best job in the world” on her website as Pawparazzi works by capturing everything you love about your pets through its cameras. You can now immortalise every memorable moment with your dog by calling on Pingale’s service. The best part? They’re able to work with any breed of dog, regardless of the pet’s temperament or level of training.

For healthy food: Nuts Over Mutts

How often do you wish you could have other alternatives to pet foods other than what is available off-the-rack from pet stores? Manvi Gupta, like you, felt the same when she found herself at her wit’s end when trying to figure out the perfect meal that would suit her beagle Poppy’s needs. This made her conceptualise Nuts Over Mutts, a company that provides fresh, home-cooked meals for dogs, recognising that different dogs have different nutritional needs, You can customise meal plans according to what your pet needs and be assured that the expert-approved meals will be made using freshly-sourced ingredients.

For pet vacations: Collarfolk

If you’re a pet owner then you would know the constant worry and sadness of leaving your pet behind while you go on a vacation. But bringing a pet along on a trip can come with its own hassles of figuring out logistics and looking up pet-friendly hotels or homestays. Thankfully for all of you who think this way, Rukmini Vaish is here with a brilliant solution. Her brand Collarfolk is the ideal assistant you need when planning a vacation with your dog. Whether you want to go on a scenic mountain retreat or enjoy a sunny beach vacay, Collarfolk can help you plan pet-friendly vacations, from looking up hotels that allow pets to booking pet-friendly cab services too.

For pet therapy: Bark N Bond

With the fast-paced, high-on-stress life that most of us lead, it can be difficult to find time to train your pets and spend time strengthening your bond with them. Pramita Balar, certified canine consultant and Dognition evaluator is here to the rescue with Bark N Bond. This unique canine consultation service eschews traditional dog training methods in favour for new-age Positive Training methods that have proven to be more effective. You can avail the service for basic obedience training, toilet training, and other dog tricks.

For grooming products: Captain Zack

Back in 2016, Mohit Lalvani could not find any suitable shampoo or conditioner for his puppy Zack who had sensitive skin. Lalvani wasn’t having it. He put his three-decades-long experience in personal care and pharma to develop a grooming product that was non-irritant, gentle, and pH balanced. He also realised that, like him, there must be other pet parents who are in need of better grooming products for their dogs. This is how Captain Zack came into existence. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and are made without using harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances.

For pet gear: Paws N Collars

If you want to kit your pet in top-of-the-line accessories and gear that allows both of you to step out in style, but you always come up against limited options, then this one is for you. Bengaluru-based Paws N Collars is your one-stop-shop for the best of pet gear and accessories from around the world. The products are leather-free, eco-friendly, and trade certified.