Sustainable Beauty Brands

5 Homegrown Beauty Brands That Are Good For The Environment

With a growing consciousness about the impact our everyday choices make on the environment around us, it’s more necessary than ever to have brands that also mirror the same consciousness. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rising popularity of sustainability and slow trends across various fields, from fashion to beauty. When it comes to slow bea

Swimwear Brands in India

5 Homegrown Swimwear Labels That Need To Be On Your Radar This Summer

The summer of 2022 is special in more ways than one. It is the first summer in years that hasn’t been spent under the looming cloud of a lockdown, and with travel restrictions easing around the world, you are excused for wanting to call in sick at work and compensating with a long-overdue getaway instead. Those long hours by the pool, however, call

Janhvi Kapoor

5 Homegrown Labels You’ll Find In Janhvi Kapoor’s Wardrobe

When you live your life under the lens, an envy-inducing wardrobe is the order of the day. And while Janhvi Kapoor loves her runway-ready couture, she is conscious about extending her support to homegrown labels as well. With the pandemic inspiring us all to patronise the local arts and crafts economy, these homegrown labels deserve a spot in your