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Celebrity Pets And Their Star Parents That Are Taking Over Social Media

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Pets are more than just animals that we shelter and take care of; they are an essential part of our family. Sharing bits of their lives on social media brings joy to everyone. I mean, watching reels of dogs and cats blind reacting to squeaky sounds is all I need to get rid of the weekday blues.

Animals on social media are one of the few things that can manage to put a smile on your face even on the worst of days. And while we do enjoy spending a good amount of time scrolling through memes and celebrity photos, it’s the A-Listers’ pets that have us falling in love. From travelling the world with their famous parents to flaunting their designer doggy vests, these celeb pets are truly living the dream life. Whether it’s BTS’s V and his adorable little Yeontan playing with the members to Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ Diana giving us life with her sassy Instagram captions, these pets have elevated the cuteness quotient on our social media feeds to a whole new level.

Celebrities With Their Pets

Here are some of our favourite celebity pets that can give their parents a run for their money with their cute looks and unbeaten popularity.

Yeontan - V

Kim Taehyung (V) and Yeontan©@thv

Kim Taehyung’s one and only child, Yeontan, not only has BTS’s but also all of the Army’s hearts. The teacup Pomeranian is often featured on V’s social media account and always has the fans gushing at his adorable antics. Fondly known as Tannie, the members and Army are certified Yeontan fans.

Hank - Rosé

The pup that has stolen every K-Pop fan’s heart, Hank does have a unique charm. Termed as a “special breed” by his mom Rosé, a member of the iconic girl group BLACKPINK, Hank was rescued after his previous owners abandoned him. Luck surely was on Hank’s side since he is now travelling the world with Rosé and has an Instagram account with 2.6 million followers!

Diana - Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Another Chopra-Jonas girl has grabbed our attention and has made a place in our hearts for herself; Priyanka Chopra’s pet dog, Diana. Much like her global icon mom, the chihuahua-terrier mix is every inch of sass and chic. And like her brothers Panda and Gino, Diana is an iconic dog influencer who is frequently seen matching outfits with her fashionista mom. The best part? Diana And Priyanka have a uniquely cute tale of how they met: on the sets of a Buzzfeed interview where Priyanka was surrounded by adorable puppies, one little girl refused to let go and soon stole the star’s heart.

Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin - Taylor Swift

It might take us a while to get rid of Ms. Taylor Swift’s disastrous musical ‘Cats’ out of our minds, but it still doesn’t stop us from obsessing over her gorgeous feline babies. A true cat lady, Taylor Swift’s Instagram is incomplete without her 3 adorable cats. With quite uniquely distinctive personalities Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin are the feline stars of this generation.

4oe - Megan Thee Stallion

When he is not hanging out with some famous celebrities or eating his favourite food around the world, Foe the Frenchie is often seen accompanying his superstar rapper mom, Megan Thee Stallion around town. The jet setter pup never misses an opportunity to dress up and have some fun. With a fan base of his own, Foe’s crazy good looks and adorable persona has even BTS obsessing over him.

Having a pet is truly a blessing. If you’re looking to bring a furry friend home, please do look out for adoption appeals for pets who are looking for a safe, happy home.