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Watch These Shows If You Loved ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

The Summer I Turned Pretty, adapted from Jenny Han’s beloved YA romance series, made waves worldwide when it first premiered on Amazon Prime in the summer of 2022.

The story transports us to the idyllic coastal town of Cousins Beach, where we are introduced to the protagonist, Belly Conklin, along with her friends and family. They embark on their annual beach trip, savouring carefree moments before receiving life-altering news.

Summers at Cousins Beach are a delightful blend of joy, wistfulness, first loves, and heartbreak, all intricately intertwined. Han’s ability to transform nostalgia into a whimsical experience makes us yearn for eternal summers in a dreamy coastal town, particularly when charming lads like the Fisher boys are around.

After much hoopla, the eagerly awaited second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty finally made its return, and we couldn’t be more excited! So, if you’re done binge-watching both its seasons, and are craving more delightful coming-of-age stories filled with romance, laughter, and a touch of drama, we’ve got you covered.

From Parisian adventures to treasure hunts on sandy beaches, these shows capture the essence of youth, self-discovery, and unforgettable summers. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for a binge-fest with these must-watch shows!

Emily in Paris (2020—)

Follow Emily as she embarks on a marketing journey in Paris, finding love, self-discovery, and the joys of putting yourself out there in a new place. With a sprinkle of French flair, this charming series captures the spirit of embracing new experiences and taking chances.

Watch it here.

Never Have I Ever (2020—)

Devi, a teenager navigating high school, goes on a mission to revamp her image and conquer her academic rival while dealing with the loss of her father. This coming-of-age gem combines humour, relatability, and the rollercoaster ride of teenage life.

Watch it here.

Ginny & Georgia (2021—)

Ginny, Georgia, and her little brother Austin settle down in Massachusetts, where Ginny faces the struggles of teenhood. With a heart-wrenching love triangle and unexpected revelations, this show will keep you hooked while exploring the complexities of family relationships.

Watch it here.

Grown-ish (2018—2023)

Follow Zoey Johnson as she navigates college life, discovering that the real world is more overwhelming than she expected. With relatable characters and coming-of-age challenges, this series delves into the messy journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of true identity.

Watch it here.

Outer Banks (2020—)

On the sandy beaches of Outer Banks, North Carolina, a group of teens hunts for lost treasure and finds themselves entangled in a deeper mystery. This adventure-packed series combines summer vibes, tangled romance, and thrilling escapades that will leave you craving for more.

Watch it here.

One Tree Hill (2003—2012)

Enter the world of Tree Hill, where sibling rivalry, romance, and dramatic entanglements reign. Just like The Summer I Turned Pretty, this multigenerational drama explores the complexities of relationships and love triangles, providing an addictive dose of high-stakes teen drama.

Watch it here.

Sex Education (2019—)

For those seeking steamier teen content, Sex Education delivers. Join a high school student turned sex therapist as he helps repressed teens reclaim their sex lives. With unforgettable characters and unexpected journeys of self-discovery, this British dramedy will keep you entertained.

Watch it here.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (2019—)

While The Summer I Turned Pretty may not be a musical, both shows share a love for creativity and performance. The show is centred around East High School, where we meet a group of talented students in the drama club and their supportive teachers. Together, they navigate the journey leading up to the highly anticipated opening night of their school musicals.

Within the halls of East High, love blossoms between characters, while existing friendships face challenging trials and new bonds are forged. Alongside the harmonious moments, rivalries ignite, intensifying the stakes for everyone involved. Throughout this process, lives are forever altered as these young individuals discover the profound impact that high school theatre can have on personal growth and transformation. Get ready for some catchy tunes and a delightful dose of teenage drama.

Watch it here.

The Sex Lives of College Girls (2021—)

Mindy Kaling’s series challenges stereotypes by exploring the sex lives and journeys of four college freshmen. While more adult-oriented than The Summer I Turned Pretty, both shows beautifully depict young women figuring out their identities amidst complicated relationships and sibling dynamics.

Watch it here.