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Class Cast Interview

The ‘Class’ Cast On What It Took To Get To The Top & More

These five stars became overnight successes, thanks to their mature performances that belie their age. At their candid best, actors Anjali Sivaraman, Zeyn Shaw, Cwaayal Singh, Piyush Khati and Ayesha Kanga share with HELLO! their career arc and how dissimilar (or not) their lives are to the characters they portray.. They came, they saw, they conque

Still from 'Emily In Paris'

5 Restaurants From ‘Emily In Paris’ That You Can Visit IRL

Paris is known for many things, like fashion, food, culture, and being the subject of a cheesy Netflix show that you tell people you hate-watch but lowkey stan. The latter, Emily In Paris, is a show which follows the (mis)adventures of the titular Emily as she navigates life in Paris after being relocated for work. One of the perks of working in th

Still from 'And Just Like That...'

Everything We Know About ‘And Just Like That...’ Season 2

And Just Like That… is coming back with a second season and, whether you hated the first one or not, you know you’re going to tune in to see what Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and gang are up to now. The first season of the reboot of Sex and the City was released in December 2021 and was met with polarising responses. The biggest critique

Popular Shows You Need To Watch In Case You Missed Out

Binge-watching a TV show is probably one of the best ways to unwind after a long, gruelling day. Nothing seems more appealing than eating your favourite comfort food while watching your favourite show whenever you need to switch up your mood. But finding a new show that is perfect for you can be hard—especially when you have subscriptions to multip

David and Alexis Rose

7 On-Screen Siblings And The Life Lessons They Taught Us

The bond between siblings is something that is equally complex and simple at the same time. One moment you’d be battling for something as innocuous as a chance to control the remote, and the other you’d be standing up to anyone who would dare to wrong your sibling. They’re your worst enemy, your best friend, and your partner-in-crime, all rolled in

Jamie Campbell Bower in Stranger Things

EXCLUSIVE: How Did Jamie Campbell Bower Become Vecna From ‘Stranger Things’?

“Well If I came face to face with my screen avatar Vecna, I would say ‘ take me with you!’,” remarks the charmingly soft-spoken Jamie Campbell Bower, very unlike his growling and menacing ‘Vecna’, the Big Bad of Stranger Things 4 as we catch up on a post-midnight zoom call given our time differences (he in Los Angeles and I’m in London). MORE: Five