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Netflix's The Midnight Club

Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Club’ Just Broke A Bizarre World Record

If you’re a horror buff, then chances are that you’ve already seen and been scared out of your wits by Netflix’s latest show The Midnight Club. Did the first episode of the series terrify you more than usual? It’s probably because it had a record-breaking number of jump scares packed in a single episode. The show, which premiered recently, has brok

TV Series based on Indian True Crime Documentary

5 Scary Indian True Crime Docu-Series You Need To Watch RN

Crime and mystery has always been a mainstay of Indian cinema and TV world. But true crime, as a genre, has only gained steam in the past few years. The genre has blown up, seemingly overnight, with chilling retellings of murder mysteries, both solved and unsolved, becoming commonplace on OTT platforms, especially Netflix. READ: Everything We Know

Jonathan Bailey and Matt Bomer in an Upcoming Series

Jonathan Bailey Is Joining Matt Bomer For An Upcoming Series, ‘Fellow Travelers’

Jonathan Bailey ofBridgerton fame is all set to return to the period era for an upcoming show. Along with Matt Bomer, the actors will be playing the role of secret lovers in the Showtime limited series, Fellow Travelers, which is set in the 20th century in Washington DC. The show is based on Thomas Mallon’s novel of the same name that tells the sto