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These Are The New Romantic K-Dramas We’re Crushing On

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If there’s one definite fact we know about our Universe is that there are few things as swoon-worthy and delightful as a romantic Korean drama. While we love a good thriller or revenge plot from a K-drama, there’s something about a typical romance, filled with all the beats we love and an impossibly pretty and charming leads, that is an instant winner in our hearts.

Best Romantic Korean Drama

If you’ve already blazed through our top romantic K-drama suggestions, including fan-favourites like Crash Landing On You and Descendants of the Sun, here are some newer romantic K-drama titles that are worth a watch…

Love To Hate You

This 10-episode series has all the tropes we love in a romantic K-drama, including fake dating and enemies to lovers. The story follows a feminist attorney who knows how to kick a** and take names and a top star who is suspicious of all women. Their paths cross when a scandal has them agree to fake date each other for the public. Needless to say, the lines between fake and real feelings soon starts to blur. Watch it for Kim Ji-hoon’s glorious long hair and smouldering looks. It will be worth it!

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Crash Course In Romance

We’ve all seen how competitive the race to get into a good college in Korea is, thanks to the nightmare-inducing Sky Castle. This one takes a lighter approach to the phenomenon of intense entranc exam training through an unexpected romance between a hardworking restaurant owner, who wants her daughter to get the best coaching for a good chance at cracking the exams, and a celebrity math tutor. The sweet romance is now one of the highest rated dramas in Korean cable history.

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Love In Contract

Queen of K-drama rom-coms, Park Min-young did what she does best and gave us a toe-curlingly sweet and funny romantic drama with Love In Contract. The story follows a woman who helps single people by pretending to be their date when they have to attend events. She soon finds herself struggling to separate her feelings from her professionalism with two of her long-standing clients after getting involved in a love triangle between them.

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Shooting Stars

This romantic drama gave us a peak into what goes on behind the glamorous lives of Korean actors and celebrities. The story focusses on the love story between a famous actor and the PR head of his management agency. The drama has romance, angst, tragic back story, criminals with malicious intent, and well-etched out secondary love stories!

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The Fabulous

Netflix’s The Fabulous is set in Seoul’s burgeoning fashion industry and follows two people who are trying to find their place in the competitive environment, while navigating their personal lives and relationships.

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