Your Horoscope For The Week Of August 1, 2022

We’re exploring August one week at a time through Tarot, and here’s what Week 1 has to offer... Meet the Empress fiery Aries, and she is asking you to put down your mental sword and reconnect with your more feminine side. This first week of August wants you to be more in touch with your personal goals. She also bestows you with material gifts, bu

These Are The Best Nail Looks To Try According To Your Zodiac Sign

Manicures (the part that involves nail colour and nail art, in particular) are a great way of expressing yourself without going overboard. Every person often opts for nail art that makes them feel comfortable and represents who they truly are. This Summer, if you are planning on making a trip to your favourite nail bar but have no idea what to go f

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This Is What The Stars Have In Store For You This May

Dear Aries, this month starts on a high note, you attract financial clarity in a workspace and make the most of it. Your internal strength increases as you see people in their true colours. Reacting to them is making them stronger and you weaker, remember that. The eclipse brings in a new wave of people from the past into the present. You’ll be res