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Your Horoscope For The Third Week Of March, 2023

Welcome to the month of March, where one of the strongest frequencies is coming into place—that holds strong till about 2043—the movement of Pluto. Though Pluto is an extraterrestrial planet and it’s not given much importance in Vedic Astrology, in the world of energy, this planet intends on ruling an aspect for the next 20 years, and the starting

March 6 daily horoscope

#DailyHoroscope: March 6, 2023

Is today the day you accidentally send an audio note meant for your work bestie to your company chat group? Will you uncover the real reason why you can’t watch Jurassic Park without craving some greasy fries? Read your horoscope and get a step closer to finding answers to your questions…

March 5 daily horoscope

#DailyHoroscope: March 5, 2023

Will you get the time to unbox that 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle rendition of Van Gogh’s Starry Night that you’ve been meaning to tackle for the past five years? Is today the day you throw caution in the wind and see what would happen if you click on the boxes without the traffic lights when asked precisely to do so in order to confirm that you’re a hu