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Which Rom-Com Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac

If you’re anything like this hopeless romantic, then you’ll agree that romantic comedies play a great role in our lives. Whether you’re feeling loved up, need to be cheered up or are just plain bored, a good rom-com goes a long way! And with so many iconic movies, comes some iconic yet extremely relatable characters that we can’t help but fall in l

Karma Kettle and Amala Earth Self Care Products

These Are The Self Care Products You Need, Based On Your Horoscope

Between the stress of work and maintaining a semblance of social life, it’s hard to find time for yourself. The mounting need to address our mental and physical well-being is why self-care has become such a hot topic these days. Whether it’s a soothing face mask or a candle that makes you feel like you’re in a field of flowers, you need something i

Weekly Horoscope

Your Horoscope For The Week Of August 1, 2022

We’re exploring August one week at a time through Tarot, and here’s what Week 1 has to offer... Meet the Empress fiery Aries, and she is asking you to put down your mental sword and reconnect with your more feminine side. This first week of August wants you to be more in touch with your personal goals. She also bestows you with material gifts, bu