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How To Deal With Stress, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Chharu Dhingra

Ever since Covid-19 came and turned our lives upside down with new uncertainties and threats, stress has become our constant companion. We stress about our health, our loved ones, money, our job — about almost all the daily aspects of our lives. Stress, however, is not the enemy here, it is a natural human response. It is only when we are incapable of managing this stress the right way that it takes over our daily functioning and in chronic cases even becomes a silent killer.

Our sun signs uniquely shape our personalities and our innate responses. Understanding how each sun sign gets ‘triggered’ by it and why, can help you ‘bust’ stress out of your lives to make room for more clarity, health and well-being.

Read more to find out what are the unique triggers of stress in your sun sign and how you can bust them!


Aries is ruled by planet Mars which brings aggressive energy to its subjects. They are always high on adrenaline and testosterone. In their optimum state, people of this sun sign exude power and strong decision-making skills. They are very driven, fiercely self-reliant and get work done. But when stress disturbs their balance they can quickly lose their temper, develop anger issues, blood pressure problems and also serious trust issues leaving them crippled.

Stress triggers: Incomplete tasks, slow results, personal failures, lies and deceit, professional incompetencies, and weak work ethics.

Stress busters: Sign up for high-intensity physical activities like gymming, running, and kickboxing.


Taurans are ruled by planet Venus, the one that attracts worldly pleasures, wealth and opulence. They love their prized possessions and are blessed with patience and stability in their life. But when they lack acknowledgement and validation, it makes them insecure and their stress levels go up

Stress trigger: Lack of attention, loss of wealth, failed relationships, loneliness, rejection from lovers or society.

Stress buster: Work on a passion project that aligns with your true self and grounds your mind, heart and soul.


Geminis are ruled by Mercury as their Lord. These people are very flexible and fluid in nature with excellent communication skills and natural charm. Geminis on their best days are very efficient, always seeking to learn more and upskill themselves in all walks of work and life. However, their FOMO (Fear of missing out) can make them unstable and fluctuate a lot which can cause stress and discomfort.

Stress trigger: Lack of growth, mundane routine, dull social life, lack of attention from loved ones, and inhibited mental stimulation.

Stress buster: Regularly practice yoga and meditation to instil a sense of calm and direction.


The Moon, the planet of emotional sensitivity, rules Cancerians. For them, family comes first. They are very domestic in nature with heightened emotional intelligence. They hold their families together and are constantly looking out for their well-being and safety. Cancerians can often feel overburdened by all the responsibilities that they take on themselves which can cause erratic mood swings, mental stress, emotional insecurity and even serious health problems.

Stress trigger: Emotional betrayal, heartbreak, family disputes, loss or death of a loved one, disrespect, negligence from family, and lack of emotional support.

Stress buster: Make new friends, go out for parties, expand your social life and healthily detach from constant filial responsibilities.


Leos are ruled by the Sun itself and are the embodiment of all things ‘bold and beautiful’. They are crowd pullers and are infused with creativity and charisma. They have a dominating personality that often can also border into becoming overbearing for others. Humility is not their strongest suit, making it easy for Leos to collect enemies and become an easy target of envy and the evil eye.

Stress trigger: Negative comments on their appearance, bad reputation, being overpowered by another, ego battle, competition at work and social standing, sharing the spotlight.

Stress buster: Practice regular social detox and visit a retreat, go camping in the wild or someplace that helps you disconnect from the everyday pressures of keeping up with the world.


Virgos are ruled by Mercury. They are often perfectionists by nature and very set in their ways and ideas. Virgos have a natural feminine energy to themselves and are creative, intuitive and nurturing. They are highly critical, analytical and inquisitive, and tend to observe what usually misses the eye; however, that also makes them over-thinkers. They have a very fragile ego and the lack of control in their life can cause a lot of stress and anxiety in their lives.

Stress trigger: Lack of perfection, spontaneous change in plans, disruption of routine, lack of control, inability to meet social standards, and issues that hurt their ego.

Stress buster: Channel your inner creativity by taking up a pottery class, solving puzzles, filling in colouring books, or starting a woodworking project. It will help relax your nervous system.


Librans are ruled by Venus and are inherent ‘people pleasers’. They are very charming and believe in giving their all to the relationships. Even though they are represented by the balancing scale, maintaining a healthy balance can be stressful for Librans. In their bid to keep others happy, they struggle to choose between right and wrong, often making irrational decisions to please others.

Stress trigger: Unfavourable opinions of others, distress in social circle, disapproval from others, tough moral choices, situations in which they have to be politically ‘incorrect’.

Stress buster: Start maintaining a personal journal, where you document your choices, the reasons behind it so that you are able to introspect, declutter your mind and make decisions that are healthy for YOU!


Scorpios are ruled by Mars and Pluto and have a deep, mystical personality. They are highly sensual beings with strong emotions and are gifted with psychic abilities and intuitive nature. Since they have such a powerful emotional aura, they are also very opinionated. They believe that they are always right and it’s difficult to persuade them otherwise. They can also experience overwhelming bouts of negative emotions like jealousy, possessiveness, anger, resentment etc. that can cause them acute stress and angst.

Stress trigger: Jealousy, joblessness, lack of purpose, improper sleep cycle, emotional overload, dark and dull weather, lack of hydration, hectic lifestyle.

Stress buster: Follow a routine of proper sleep, a healthy diet and exercise. Include fluids and outdoor exercise and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. It’s no wonder that these people are die-hard maximalists. ‘Go big or go home’ is their mantra and are big believers in wooing people with big gestures and going the extra mile for their loved ones. However, oftentimes that makes them go overboard and becomes a cause of stress for them emotionally, financially and in other ways.

Stress trigger: Being taken for granted, lack of appreciation, social isolation, financial mismanagement, emotional imbalance, lack of reciprocity, and no one to rely on.

Stress buster: Find a group of like-minded people that love you for who you are, build your own vibe tribe and explore the world and yourself with their easy company.


Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. They are often known to be very organised in their lives and work. You will find people from this sign in key leadership positions across big organisations and companies. Born leaders, practise self-discipline and love routine. Extremely sensitive and loving, Capricorns struggle with managing emotional hurt and automatically become defensive and hostile in emotionally stressful situations to protect themselves. Capricorns like to be overachievers and It is difficult for them to trust people and delegate work.

Stress trigger: When people fail to meet their expectations, childhood traumas, emotional betrayal, lying and cheating, social hypocrisy, professional failure, and rejection.

Stress buster: Karmic healing in the form of reiki healing or any other form that can help you release your past triggers and trauma and improve your stress coping mechanism.


Aquarians are ruled by Saturn and are the ones who always take the road less travelled. Extremely intelligent and independent-minded, they seldom conform to the conventions of the world, making history and breaking records as they carve their niche in the world. However, they want to be accepted and understood by society, they have this fire in their belly to serve mankind and wish to be acknowledged for having a vision. When that fails to happen, as it always does, they feel very disheartened and disillusioned.

Stress trigger: Social misperception, ostracisation, lack of empathy and kindness, moral corruption, crony capitalism, ideological vacuum, suffocation and imprisonment.

Stress buster: Take up an activity that serves the community. Organise a tree plantation drive, clean the beach drive, feed the hungry, and marathons for a social cause. A sense of purpose will keep you optimistic and socially integrated.


Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. They are very creative, imaginative and systematic in their lives. However, being water signs they often forget their strengths and are unable to hold their ground. They quickly lose steam which causes insecurity as they fall behind their capabilities. They often need to seek assurance from others for their confidence.

Stress trigger: Lack of validation, falling behind at work, instability, too many responsibilities, harsh reality checks.

Stress buster: Take up gardening as a hobby and spend time in nature. Once you see how your nurturing and caring make everything bloom around you, it will help you bloom yourself!