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#HELLOHighLife: Sonam Babani On Luxurious Escapades

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‘Luxury’ is for the discerning. It’s defined not just by a price tag but more so by exquisite taste and an eye for experiences that stand out. Nine fashion-forward, glamorous ladies share their most luxurious escapades and choices of the year with HELLO!

Ahead, Luxury & Lifestyle Blogger Sonam Babani talks about Tanzania, her unique wedding lehenga and more.

Luxury to me is: “A way of life, not a particular bag or a piece of jewellery. The word ‘luxury’ is thrown around so frivolously these days, but to me, it’s the old definition that holds true — luxury is something that’s rare, hard to find, something only you may have, or an experience so personal that only you may have had. For example: a family heirloom, my engagement ring, or experiencing a kill in Africa after an eight-hour chase.”

Most lavish holiday this year: “Gosh! It’s a tough one between Tanzania and Japan. But I’ll pick Japan. The country is so rich in culture and way ahead of the world at the same time. There’s really no other place like it that’s got such strong roots to its heritage and yet is so ahead of its time. The luxury experience there is unlike any other. For instance, in Kyoto, there’s a Hublot store tucked away in a geisha district designed exactly like a traditional Japanese ryokan. Plus, there are three tall Chanel buildings in Tokyo’s Ginza area alone!”

Most luxurious fashion purchase: “The Atelier Versace custom-made lehenga I bought for my wedding. The whole experience of visiting the atelier, the fittings and the fact that it was for such an important event in my life makes it so, so special.”

A splendid culinary experience: “This was one during my stay at The Singita Mara River Tented Camp in Tanzania. The camp’s Michelin-honoured chef would curate a personalised menu for me and my husband every night, including healthy options for me and indulgent ones for him. The menu was a surprise every night, and each dish was fantastic. The experience of indulging in these meals, with this level of personal service in the middle of nowhere in a tent, was extremely special!”

Most luxurious bucket list item: “My dream wedding. I waited all my life for this fairytale moment. And it truly was a fairytale, amid the snow-capped Alps in Zermatt, Switzerland.”

My favourite high-end labels: “Chanel, always! It’s timeless and also an investment, with the prices of its products appreciating every year. I also love Loewe, Balenciaga and Prada. The list goes on!”

My favourite luxurista: “My sister-in-law, Simran! She’s got an old-world charm and a timeless sense of style, and speaks the language of luxury like no other.”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in HELLO! India’s December 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!