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Alizey & Lailli Mirza On Their Favourite Luxury Destinations

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Nayare Ali

HELLO! steps into the haute and happening world of the fashion-curious twins from Dubai, Alizey and Lailli Mirza, as they spill the beans on all their extravagant choices.

They may be twins, but they are poles apart in temperament—and the Mirza duo wouldn’t have it any other way. Pretty, poised and perfectly complementing each other, Alizey and Lailli Mirza are beauty icons with a keen eye for fashion and high acclaim among Dubai’s elite.

Alizey & Lailli Mirza©Hello

While Alizey works as Head of Marketing and VIP Relations at Biolite, a wellness and aesthetic clinic in the city, Lailli oversees the firm’s marketing strategy and also runs her own fashion label. Business is in their blood as it was their mother, Mona Mirza, who established Biolite. Their Bengaluru-based father, Zeyn Mirza, is Managing Director at United Racing & Bloodstock Breeders, which gives the fashion influencer siblings roots in India.

Though settled in the Middle East and living the high life there, the sisters are equally at home in both countries.

HELLO! delves into the luxe choices of these popular faces, while they put together a special shoot in Dubai.

Alizey & Lailli Mirza Dubai©Hello

Define luxury: Alizey: “To me, luxury is something one can’t put a price on. After the pandemic, I realised that true luxury is having good health. A healthy lifestyle is a luxury that not everyone can afford.”

Lailli: “Luxury is the state of being comfortable. It’s being able to afford the basic necessities in life as well as being able to invest in your passions and hobbies and finding time off from work. True luxury, for me, is not having to ever work, and doing whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to ever worry about finances.”

Our most lavish travel experience: Alizey: “The Maldives is one of our favourite luxury destinations. We travel there once a year.”

Lailli: “I love spending summer with family in Europe, at the French or Italian Riviera. I spend winters in either the Maldives for a private island getaway if I haven’t had enough sun, or doing something exciting in the snow, like visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden, or the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.”

Alizey & Lailli Mirza Dubai twins interview©Hello

Hotels that embody luxury: Alizey: “What I love about Aman Resorts is that each location provides privacy within some of the world’s most diverse and historical landscapes. The resorts offer unparalleled experiences that are discreet and intimate, while providing a high level of customer service, which is exactly what you want when looking for somewhere to relax and unwind.”

Lailli: “I have yet to find a better bed than the ones at Four Seasons. I also enjoy various wellness retreats such as SHA in Spain, Joali Being in the Maldives and Chenot Palace Weggis in Switzerland.”

Our favourite brands: Alizey: “I’ve always admired the craftsmanship of Dior. The attention to detail and quality remains of a high standard, for both its ready-to-wear and leather goods. When it comes to interior design, Jonathan Adler’s style of juxtaposing elegance with a sense of playfulness and pop of colour is one I admire. Graff’s fine jewels are the epitome of luxury. Aside from their unparalleled and unique designs, I love the story behind the brand. The story of Laurence Graff is truly inspiring.

Alizey & Lailli Mirza interview©Hello

Lailli: “I really appreciate the craftsmanship of Italian brands such as Loro Piana and Brunello Cucinelli, though Dior and Bottega Veneta’s ready-to-wear collections are more contemporary, yet beautifully crafted with high-quality fabrics and classic designs that can create the perfect capsule wardrobe. I recently became an avid jewellery collector, curating a collection of Cartier, Tiffany’s, Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels staples for everyday wear.

I soon hope to start investing in more timeless, high-jewellery pieces from Graff and Harry Winston. Though I’m not that knowledgeable about interior design, I buy odd pieces that appeal to me for my apartment, no matter the brand. However, I greatly admire Timothy Oulton and Rick Owens, though they are both wildly different — I love the simplicity of Rick Owens’ homeware and the beautiful conversation starters by Timothy Oulton.”

Alizey & Lailli Mirza Dubai twins interview©Hello

Best winter buys: Alizey: “Loro Piana open walk chukka boots with beaver-fur lining and a cashmere coat from Max Mara.”

Lailli: “Besides a staple Max Mara coat and a sturdy pair of leather boots, anything Baby Cashmere from Loro Piana is perfect for layering.

Sister act: Alizey: “Lailli and I are very different in every aspect. From our personalities to our personal style, we are polar opposites. One of us is an introvert, the other is an extrovert. I see this as a strength as we complement each other. There are certain things Lailli is great at, and some that I’m not so confident in, and vice versa. So we have a great balance in everything that we do together.

Lailli: “Much like our personal style, we both have different approaches to work and have individual ideas on how to grow and scale Biolite. Nevertheless, our mother is the mediator who ultimately manages to make the best of both sets of ideas. While working with family and living together can be a colossal challenge, none of us would have it any other way as we all have each other’s best interest at heart.”

Our professional space: Alizey: “Our mother, Mona, established Biolite in London 20 years ago. It’s Dubai’s first day retreat, combining aesthetics, plastic surgery, integrative medicine and diagnostic testing. We pioneered a unique approach to holistic healthcare. Rather than suppressing your symptoms, we address the root causes of your concerns through comprehensive diagnostic testing. At Biolite, we believe that looking great on the outside starts from within. Our 360-degree approach to aesthetics and wellness goes hand-in-hand. This, as a result, delivers optimal results to ensure a longer, happier and healthier life.”

Lailli: “I’m a YouTuber, Business Development Manager at Biolite and an entrepreneur with a clothing brand, Petite. This started as a passion project when I launched a clothing manufacturing studio. I wouldn’t call myself a designer though.”

Three celebrities who nail the luxe look: Alizey: “Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan are two women whose style I admire. Their feminine silhouettes of skirt-and-jacket co-ords, statement jumpsuits and tailored coats are the epitome of elegance. I also love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s personal style, the neutral palette she opts for in particular. She combines masculine and feminine elements when putting outfits together, mixing body blazers with silk maxi dresses and heels, for instance. Her overall look is polished yet relaxed, with simple hair and makeup.”

Lailli:Justin and Hailey Bieber, Drake, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham. Their styles are all completely different, but I would happily raid any of their wardrobes!”

Three must-haves in a woman’s closet: Alizey: “A classic handbag that can be taken from day to evening, a set of solitaire earrings that are timeless and classic, and a well-structured blazer that can be styled in multiple ways.”

Lailli: “A beautiful, timeless watch, a classic bag that can be used as an accessory both during the day and in the evening, and an expensive yet comfortable pair of heels.”

Our style icons: Alizey: “Queen Rania of Jordan. She always looks elegant, polished and stylish, while remaining modest at the same time.”

Lailli: “I appreciate Christine Centenera’s minimal and laid-back style. It’s effortless yet put together without being overly branded and complicated. Simplicity is key, especially when the clothes are crafted from high-quality fabrics. The older I got, the further I steered clear of logo-embellished, branded clothes as it can appear tacky or ostentatious.”

Our personal style: Alizey: “Classic, timeless and feminine.”

Lailli: “My style is dependent on my mood and the events I need to attend on a particular day. So I would say eclectic.”

A luxury experience that money cannot define, in our opinion: Alizey: “You can’t go wrong with investing in your health. Today, with everyone being so busy and wired, I believe time is one of the greatest luxuries. Having time alone is even more precious. Also, spending time at a luxury wellness retreat, disconnecting from social media and the outside world, is priceless.”

Lailli: “A luxury investment could be property or appreciating assets for long-term financial gain. Alternatively many overlook the benefits of investing in your health and overall well-being, but it’s definitely something worth investing in and researching on further.”

Interview: Nayare Ali; Photos: Leila Media; Fashion Editor: Sonam Poladia; Location Courtesy: Raffles The Palm Dubai

This interview has been adapted for the website from an interview that was originally published in HELLO! India’s December 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!