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#HELLOHighLife: Urvi Jindal Bhatia On Her Favourite Things

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‘Luxury’ is for the discerning. It’s defined not just by a price tag but more so by exquisite taste and an eye for experiences that stand out. Nine fashion-forward, glamorous ladies share their most luxurious escapades and choices of the year with HELLO!

Ahead, Entrepreneur Urvi Jindal Bhatia talks about her luxurious trip to Mexico, her affinity for rare art and who has impeccable style according to her.

Luxury to me is: “Luxury means something different for each person. For me, it’s a mix of three things. 1. Quality: when you buy something, it should last for a long time. 2. Experience: buying luxury is related to buying an experience. 3. Environment: the way you are treated influences the experience.”

Most lavish holiday this year: “Exploring smaller cities in various countries to get a more enriched and authentic experience of their cultures. For instance, San Miguel in Mexico, San Sebastian in Spain and Biarritz in France.”

Most luxurious fashion purchase: “This year, my fashion purchases were geared more towards athleisure, with brands like Alo Yoga. Their pieces can be worn on the go, all day long, and exude a fashion-forward street wear look, while also maintaining functionality as workout clothing. I’m a big fan of their leggings. They’re flattering, comfortable and high quality.”

Splendid culinary experiences: “The culinary experience I really enjoyed recently was the street food in Mexico City. It was delectable, especially the tacos and churros. But they didn’t overshadow the gourmet restaurant scene. Mexico City has amazingly talented chefs who explore modern renditions of traditional foods, blend regional ingredients with other cuisines, and craft delicious tasting menus and omakase dinners.”

Luxe bucket list additions: “The SH Raza and a few other pieces of art that I bought for my new house.”

My favourite high-end labels: “Alo Yoga, Hermès, Zuhair Murad and 431-88 by Shweta Kapur.”

My favourite luxuristas: “Sanjana Batra. She has impeccable style and taste and has a way of making everything she wears look great.”