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#TheH!List: Masoom Minawala Redefining Fashion Content

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Manish Mishra

A global fashion influencer, investor and entrepreneur, her #MasoomMagic is well-established worldwide. The fashionista opens up about keeping it real and expanding her investment footprint.

What’s unique about Masoom Minawala’s digital content is that she keeps it real. In a space inundated with filters and displays of picture- perfect lives, she’s never shied away from sharing her looks that didn’t work. It’s perhaps this consistency, vision and approachable take on high fashion that’s made Masoom an enduring icon of our times, her #MasoomMagic acclaimed the world over. From being a showstopper at runway shows to gracing the red carpet at Cannes, Masoom’s name is synonymous with luxury, style, and entrepreneurship. Over to her...

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HELLO!: You’re one of the pioneers of fashion blogging in India. How much has the landscape changed since you started out, and what’s the major difference, positive and negative?

MASOOM MINAWALA: “The landscape of fashion content and creation has expanded tenfold in the past decade. The industry and the impact it can drive is finally being recognised and legitimatised. There are several positives, but a new one is the Advertising Standards Council of India promoting transparency in the digital marketing ecosystem, with clear guidelines on disclosing paid partnerships and sponsored content. This not only validates the impact creators have but also validates the business as a whole. A huge obstacle in our industry is cancel culture. It allows for no second chances! People should be allowed to learn from their mistakes, instead of being stripped of everything they’ve spent a lifetime building. It’s not morally correct to take people’s entire careers away without giving them a chance to redeem themselves.”

H!: In this world of filters, everything is augmented, but honesty remains crucial in your blogging. How do you keep it real?

MM: “Always keeping it real can be challenging sometimes, but it’s vital to foster a genuine connection with one’s community. I personally ensure that I share my failures as candidly as I share my wins. If my knowledge can genuinely help a business, a budding creator, or even an individual, I see it as a wonderful opportunity to give back to my online community.”

H!: Most of your content is shot in Europe, but you keep Indian flavours intact. How do the logistics work, in terms of sourcing from Indian designers?

MM: “I’m privileged to be in a position where brands are happy to ship their products internationally. Additionally, my team and I plan sourcing requirements meticulously and well in advance to avoid a time crunch.”

H!: You’ve also provided a platform to a lot of emerging brands. What are the elements you look for in new labels?

MM: “The product or service is the hero, of course. But above all considerations, I look at the brand’s values and long-term goals and whether they align with mine.”


H!: You’ve been a showstopper at many runway shows. How’s the experience been? It’s been surreal!

MM: “I feel honoured to participate in the growth of Indian fashion globally as it bolsters its presence on the fashion map.”

H!: Is there pressure to keep on churning new, innovative and relevant content, as you have a diverse global following?

MM: “I wouldn’t say pressure, but I want to continue to deliver my very best to my community. That naturally drives me to explore fresh and unique ideas.”

H!: What’s the thought process like when you’re deciding your red-carpet looks?

MM: “It’s chaotic, to say the least. Each year, our thought process is different but some invariable factors I consider are these: the look needs to make me feel confident; that’s the emotion I’m looking to derive from my ensembles. I prefer looking at fashion without boundaries and with all its nuances. This is why my outfits are often on the cusp of Indian and western silhouettes.”

H!: How difficult is it for a blogger of Indian origin to get invited to international runway shows?

MM: “I believe content truly breaks the barriers of origin at events like these. How one creates, the impact they drive, who it caters to and how their community engages with it are a few common factors every designer gauges before extending an invite. Additionally, building a relationship with the brand or designer undoubtedly helps. It could be through content one has previously created using their designs or attending other events, launches or pop-ups they’ve hosted.”

H!: How do you manage to shuttle between the three countries—Belgium, France and India?

MM: “Travelling is a big part of my life and an aspect I’ve come to enjoy. I try to maximise my time wherever I am, whether it’s back home in India, my home in Belgium or elsewhere for work.”

H!: You’re now an investor, too. What is your next step now down that road?

MM: “As an investor, my next move is to expand my investment footprint, identify and explore new investment opportunities, and further broaden my network.”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s August 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!