6 Celebrity-Approved Poses That Can Up Your Instagram Game In No Time

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Having good social media game is a must in today’s world. A perfectly balanced feed with aesthetically pleasing pictures is what everyone wants. And while some look like a goddess even in their out-of-bed-look (we’re looking at you Deepika Padukone), there are others still that need a little help when it comes giving the money shot.

The problem? So many of us just don’t know how to strike a pose. But, it’s time to let go of the awkwardness and embrace your fiercest pose, with a little help from your favourite celebrities, of course. Here’s the cheat-sheet to posing like a bonafide superstar!

The One Where You Hold Your Head

A classic supermodel pose, all you need to do is place your hand on the side and angle your elbow slightly higher than shoulder level. The raised elbow is the trick since it accentuates your décolletage.

The One With The Hand On The Waist

A pose that could flatter any body type, we recomment pulling out this one when you’re wearing a body hugging emsemble, as shown by B-town sweetheart Janhvi Kapoor.

The One With The Fist On The Side Of The Head

Our personal favourite: the I’m-so-bored look but make it cute! Deepika Padukone has mastered this one; and might we suggesting using this on bicep and tricep days? Low-key flex, amiright?

The One Where You’re On The Move

If you’re extremely fidgety, this is the trick you need to try. Get your friends to picture while you are walking towards or away from the camera to get the perfect ’plandid’ shot.

Pro Tip: Instead of taking a picture, shoot a video as you walk. This will give you a lot more frames and you can screenshot the best angle!

The One With The Palms On Your Cheeks

The forever pout-y yet cute look is one of the easiest poses to pull off. For maximum impact, try this while you’re in a long-sleeved jumper or when the background is just as cute-sy.