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Which Hairstyle Should You Try Next Depending On Your Face Shape?

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Hasina Khatib

Down the ages, one indisputable truth has emerged about hairstyles: what looks good on your bestie or your favourite influencer may not look the same on you. Why? Because the unique geometry of our faces means that they require specific hairstyles to highlight certain assets and frame others in an optimal manner.

Hairstyles Depending on Your Face Shape

Before you opt for a major post-pandemic hair transformation, take cues from your celebrity twin on which styles will look the most flattering on your face shape. We’ve done all the legwork for you already, so get ready to take notes:

If You Have An Oval Face Like Ananya Panday

When the length of the face is longer than the width with the forehead serving as the widest part of the face, it is considered as an oval face shape. If you have this face shape, it pays to bookmark Ananya Panday’s roster of envy-worthy hairstyles, including her current favourite—a mid-length haircut with wavy ends to add volume towards the lower half of the face.

If You Have A Heart-Shaped Face Like Deepika Padukone

Often considered as the most-coveted face shape, a heart-shaped face is characterised by a wide forehead that tapers towards the jawline with a pointy chin. The key for choosing a hairstyle for this face shape is to opt for a shoulder-grazing style that gives the illusion of lesser width at the top. Case in point: Deepika Padukone’s choppy layers with jawline-framing wisps that help balance out the proportions of her face.

If You Have A Round Face Like Sonakshi Sinha

While similar to a square face in its ratio of forehead to jawline, a round face is instantly recognisable by its softer contours and flatter cheekbones. Further cues on a flattering hairstyle for this face shape can be found with Sonakshi Sinha who has been known to favour middle-parted, poker-straight tresses—ideal for visually elongating the face.

If You Have A Square Face Like Kareena Kapoor Khan

When the length of the face is equal to its width, it is characterised as a square face shape. If yours is similar, you are in good company with Kareena Kapoor Khan. The star has found a winning look in piecey layers that are ideal for softening the sharper contours of the face.

If You Have A Rectangle Face Like Janhvi Kapoor

While the width of a rectangle face shape is similar to a square, its length is usually a little longer. However, the same approach works for both: wispy looks that can soften the face. For further inspiration, look no further than Janhvi Kapoor who has given her nod of approval to volume-boosting hairstyles with textured waves to add movement.