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August 31’s Blue Moon Will Be Emotionally Rough For These Signs

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

August 2023 began with a rare lunar sighting and will conclude with another. This month has been a special treat for astronomy enthusiasts as we got to witness two supermoons within the same month. After the Sturgeon moon on August 1, we’re about to see the Blue Moon on August 31.

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Everything to know about August’s Blue Moon

Why is it called a Blue Moon?

If you’ve been expecting to see a blue-hued moon hanging in the sky, then you’d be sorely mistaken. The upcoming full moon is special because it’s a supermoon which means that it will be brighter and bigger than usual. Since we already witnessed a supermoon at the beginning of the month, this second supermoon within a month makes it a rare celestial event. This is why this moon’s name is Blue Moon since it’s rare and special.

How will the Blue Moon affect zodiac signs?

This Blue Moon occurs in the sign of Pisces, a water sign that is associated with healing and closure. For many zodiac signs, this period will bring about endings that signal amazing, new beginnings. However, there are some signs that need to be careful during this time. The shifting energy that the Blue Moon brings can be rough on their mental health and would require awareness and clarity of mind to get through it.

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What zodiac signs will be affected by the Blue Moon?

This rare lunar event will bring out a more emotional and unpredictable side of many signs. Here are four zodiac signs that need to be extra cautious during the time…


As hard as it might be, you need to let go of the toxicity that’s ruining your life and stopping you from moving forward. It will be tough since you’ve come to depend on this presence in your life for emotional stability but this is a leap you must take during this time to make way for all the wonderful things that are around the corner for you, Taurus.


You need to reach into your inner reserves of courage and boldly step out of your comfort zone in the next few days. This is the time to ask yourself the tough questions, like what is keeping you distracted from the truth? Or are you unconsciously holding yourself back from achieving what you can if you put your mind to it? Some introspection is long overdue.


Real talk, Scorpio. You need to shut down your inner saboteur and reach out to people around you for their help in moving forward. This is the right time for you to make decisions based on instincts rather than logic and consciously seek joy and new opportunities.


Be careful, Aquarius. This period is going to be rough on your finances and will subsequently bring you more stress. Needless to say, avoid making any impulsive decisions during this time that require financial commitment and be mindful of your expenditure. This time will pass soon but you must look towards opportunities that would help better your financial situation.