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August’s Supermoon Will Bring Chaos For These 3 Zodiac Signs

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

If you’re an astronomy enthusiast then we’ve got some great news for you. There’s a rare phenomenon scheduled in the coming month. August is going to begin and end with supermoons. August 1 and August 30 will witness the lunar events and if you want to know what it all means, then keep reading!

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Everything to know about August’s first supermoon

What is a supermoon?

A supermoon occurs when a full moon’s orbit brings it closest to Earth. According to NASA, the orbit of the moon around Earth is shaped like an elongated oval or an ellipse. This means there are times when it oscillates between distances from Earth. A supermoon takes place about three to four times a year.

Why is the first supermoon of August 2023 special?

The first supermoon of August, which will occur on the first of the month, is called the Sturgeon moon. It was named so by Native American tribes because, during this time, a fish called sturgeon was readily caught. Astrologically speaking, this also marks the rise of the full moon in Aquarius and that holds some significance for certain signs.

How will the Sturgeon Moon affect zodiac signs?

The lunar event in August directly stands to affect the way we connect with each other. It could manifest itself in the way we express ourselves, our aspirations, and our motivation to bring about lasting change around us.


What zodiac signs will be affected by the Sturgeon Moon?

While there will be a smattering of effects that could be felt across all 12 zodiac signs, there are three that should be especially wary of the lunar event.


The supermoon at the beginning of August will prove to be a disruptive factor for the rest of the month for Taurus. There will be many shifts and changes around you and it might get exhausting trying to keep up with them. But on the positive side, it could also indicate new opportunities and avenues for you to explore.


This supermoon will bring your relationships, both personal and professional, into sharp focus. You will need to revisit boundaries and rules that you’ve set for these partnerships and that could require some intense introspection and open communication channels. This will be a good time to seek clarity in all aspects.


Since the full moon will rise in Aquarius this month, people belonging to this sign will need to be extra wary of the effects of the supermoon. Your personal relationships are going to undergo a shift because your expectations from them will change over the course of the month. You need to remember to be clear and assertive in setting new boundaries.