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Your Horoscope For The Fourth Week Of December, 2022

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Sheetal Dewan Kapur


Welcome Aries, to a week where you finally decide to pay attention to yourself and set new goals when it comes to your financial success, your relationship with your body and beauty, and your house. You’ll find yourself developing new interests. You will also be more confident about yourself and will not overcompensate.


Welcome, Dear Taurus, to a week that is ruled by love. Singles and couples, love is in the air and you’re entering into a beautiful phase of attracting like-minded people. Enjoy this transition and forget about the complexities of the world around you. Accept that you are beautiful, and say it out loud. Learn to believe in yourself and don’t procrastinate. On the financial front, you’re entering into an action-packed time so mingle and create abundance.


Welcome to a week where you will be pulled into everybody else’s drama Gemini. Take our advice and stay out of it. Remember, it’s not your place to fight somebody else’s fight. It’s not your place to take on the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead, pay attention to your health and pay attention to your relationship with your father.


Plans will be made and plans will be trashed. Welcome Cancer, to a week of confusion; a week where you have nothing in control. So enjoy the ride and step onto the floor to dance this week away. Pay attention to no one but yourself. Explore new business ideas. Believe in yourself and shine bright. With the end of this year, let go of people who distract you from achieving your goals.


Dear Leo, there’s a lot on your mind. Emotions are running high. Your perspective on how to sort out things on the homefront is not something you can handle. The conflict comes when you want to do a lot of things but there is no time left. You’ll be packing a lot into this week, professionally, so try not to get too exhausted. Interestingly, old friends and acquaintances from your past shall appear to simply reconnect, don’t read into it too much.


Dear Virgo, your personal goals in regard to how you are looking will become more important to you. Learn how to activate your physicality. The better you feel about the way you’re looking, the more confidence you’ll gain. New friendships will form, so lean into them. You will create a solid new tribe for yourself, one that helps you kickstart your life goals and also helps you navigate through your life, so be thankful for that.


Dead Libra, take care of your health this week. You’ll find yourself overindulging in various areas that will not help your gut or your nervous system. You need to hydrate, eat well, sleep well and, more importantly, breathe. Energetically, you’ve taken a lot of stress and now is the time to shake it off your back. It’s time to end old patterns in work and build new ones. Your perspective towards your profession will change and you shall enter into a new field of business.


Travel plans are knocking on your door, Scorpio, it’s entirely your choice if your want to create that experience or not. The women in your life will never understand your perspective, so stop going on guilt trips for no reason. Your approach towards making everyone happy needs to change. Pay attention to what you truly desire and believe that you will gain it.


This is the week to rise and speak up for what you want, Sagittarius! Introspect and work on your self-worth to achieve what you truly want. You will also need to be careful with your finances this week as a few unnecessary expenses will crop up. When it comes to relationships, practice patience and avoid getting into disagreements with your partner. Give each other space to think for the betterment of your relationship.


Hello Capricorn, all work and no play will make you lethargic, lonely and lost. It’s time you start taking some time off and enjoying the world around you. Explore what you like and what makes you happy other than work. Your management skills are brilliant but your personal life needs more importance than your professional life.


Patience is not one of your virtues Aquarius, but cultivating it will come in quite handy right about now. The end of the year is when you step back and analyse your goals and desires. Creating a work-life balance is important for your own sanity. Some random travel comes your way that will ease the mind but break the bank, so take a call whether it’s somthing you want to entertain.


The world will be your oyster, Pisces, are you ready? Be open to all the possibilities that you can create and explore your ideas with your loved ones. This time is all about you transforming your thoughts into concrete actions which, in turn, enables you to achieve success in all walks of life.