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Weekly Horoscope For February Second Week

Your Horoscope For The Second Week Of February, 2023

Welcome to a month where you’ll find clarity in thought and action amidst ensuing confusion and chaos. The best way to decipher this month is through the tarot. So here’s what the horoscope for the second week of February says for you…

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Your Horoscope For The Third Week Of November, 2022

Welcome Aries, to a week where you shall reconnect with your father. It’s about realigning your values and the way you communicate. You’re also going to attract more joyful people into your life and finances will grow. This eclipse helps you kickstart old projects that have been stalling for a while. It also asks you to take care of your health, an

Weekly Horoscope For The Second Week Of November

Your Horoscope For The Second Week Of November, 2022

Hello Aries, this week is all about exploring your emotional needs and also cultivating your creative side—inspire yourself. This is the time for love and new beginnings, so be open and let people enter. November will propel you to identify your emotional boundaries in your personal relationships and not overcompensate. Remedy during the eclipse on

Your Horoscope For The First Week Of September, 2022

We’ve got multiple transitions hitting us this month. It’s a period where common sense is not especially common and the past you once forgot starts to tap on your window, wanting you to make constructive decisions about your future. Dear Aries, you’ve been languishing in worries for some time now. This month is where you ditch your worries and plun