Still from 'Emily In Paris'© Netflix

5 Restaurants From ‘Emily In Paris’ That You Can Visit IRL

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Paris is known for many things, like fashion, food, culture, and being the subject of a cheesy Netflix show that you tell people you hate-watch but lowkey stan.

The latter, Emily In Paris, is a show which follows the (mis)adventures of the titular Emily as she navigates life in Paris after being relocated for work. One of the perks of working in the City of Lights is the ability to frequent many trendy and historic pubs and cafes, as is the norm for French people.

If you’re a fan or just someone who is looking for new and interesting culinary spots to add to their Paris itinerary, here’s a list of five restaurants that were a part of some of the most iconic moments on the show…

Chez Lavaux AKA Terra Nera

Gabriel’s rustic French restaurant in the show is actually an Italian restaurant IRL named Terra Nera. Aside from delicious Italian fare, the restaurant also offers breathtaking views of the Panthéon from its terrace.

Le Café Marly

In between suffering from the second-hand awkwardness between Emily and Gabriel’s on-and-off girlfriend (and Emily’s new friend) Camille’s lunch during the premiere of the second season of the show and the ridiculousness of Sylvie being present there too (to offset any awkwardness between the two because Emily had just slept with Gabrielle), we couldn’t help but notice the stunning views from the upscale cafe they’re eating at. Located under the arcades of the Louvre, the classic French restaurant is a must-visit.

La Société

The site of Sylvie’s big Season 2 triumph, La Société is an upscale French joint where you can act out all your mysterious French fancy cafe patron fantasies. If you recall, this is the restaurant where Sylvie meets her much younger boyfriend Erik’s friends and shows him that she’s proud of their relationship.

The Bombardier

Emily and her French class crush, and eventual love interest, Alfie visit a traditional English-style pub because he wants her to experience the British way. The pub is tucked away in the heart of Paris’ famous Latin Quarter and will give you a taste of England while sitting in Paris.

La Boulangerie Moderne

This artisanal bakery was one of Emily’s first stops in Paris where she tested out her newly-acquired French skills while ordering a Pain Au Chocolat. Located near Gabriel’s fictional restaurant (read above), the bakery offers great views of the Panthéon too and offers a variety of delicious French pastries, including the Pain Au Chocolat that Emily ordered.