Sushi at Fenix, The Oberoi Mumbai© Fenix

Fenix At The Oberoi, Mumbai, Is Going To Be Your Go-To Sushi Spot

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It’s already the second month of the year and you’re still nowhere close to striking off your ‘Travel More’ vow off your New Year’s resolutions list. Optimists will point out that there are still many weeks and days left in the year to fulfil your dreams to travel the world but what if there was a way to experience the best of world cuisine without boarding a jet (or shelling out expensive visa and ticket fees!)?

Fenix at The Oberoi, Mumbai, is your one-stop destination to enjoy the best of culinary offerings from around the globe while enjoying a relaxed ambience in the bustling city.

After an extensive facelift, of both the decor and the menu, the restaurant is back and it’s better than ever.

Fenix, The Oberoi Mumbai©Fenix

The restaurant boasts of the city’s most authentic Robatyaki grill, a Japanese barbeque, which is manned by experts who make sure that you get an exquisite world-class experience while enjoying a range of exclusive meats, seafood, and vegetarian dishes that are grilled to perfection.

The decor mimics an elegant living room, instantly putting the diners at ease with the relaxed ambience and luxurious interiors. The menu, which ranges from classic European dishes to authentic Japanese fare, complements it perfectly. Since the menu is an amalgamation of the best dishes from around the world, each section of the menu points out the coordinates of what part of the world the food is from.

Chef Yazdin Pardiwala’s love for seasonal produce ensures that only the best hand-picked ingredients are used to prepare the menu. This also means that the building blocks of the global menu have been sourced directly from three continents.

The new and improved Fenix also comes equipped with a formidable sushi bar that is enough to please the most ardent sushi buff. Under the expert counsel of in-house sushi expert Chef Ruben Santos, the sushi bar offers delectable options ranging from Oishi (a decked-up avocado roll, complete with fried tofu and truffle shavings) to Dragon (with prawn tempura and a generous sprinkling of fish roe on the top.

Sushi at Fenix, The Oberoi Mumbai©Fenix

Just like the exquisite food menu, the drinks also cover the spectrum of spirits and beers and a host of innovative Japanese cocktails.

The newly madeover Fenix is the perfect spot for foodies and travel enthusiasts alike and can be a cosy date night spot where you can enjoy your company while sampling delectable offerings from around the world.

Head over to the official website for more information about the restaurant.