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HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Vikram Oberoi

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Vishwaveer Singh

Why he matters: He may have been to the manor born, but the scion of The Oberoi Group has come a long way in his individual journey. After transforming the brand into a multinational boutique conglomerate, synonymous with high quality and consistent service, Vikram Oberoi’s new vision sparked a very organic spurt of growth within the company through investments and an eye for lucrative opportunities in real estate.

Born into the illustrious Oberoi family, Vikram Oberoi represents the third generation of the iconic hospitality dynasty. He comes from a lineage steeped in a rich tradition of excellence in the industry, which has undoubtedly influenced hoteliering in the country. Vikram’s educational background was rather unconventional, with him opting for a degree in business administration from the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, while others of his ilk preferred the more traditional Swiss schools of hospitality.

As the Joint Managing Director and CEO of EIH Limited today, a post he took over from his father Bikki Oberoi, Vikram has played a pivotal role in The Oberoi Group’s strategic expansion, both domestically and internationally. His keen understanding of market trends and consumer preferences enabled them to identify lucrative opportunities and establish a strong presence in key destinations across the globe—their interest particularly piqued by the Middle East, where they have created an impressive footprint already.

Under Vikram’s leadership, The Oberoi Group has consistently been recognised for its commitment to excellence, earning numerous accolades and awards for its properties and services. His emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of luxury and personalised guest experiences has cemented this chain of hotels and resorts as a benchmark for hospitality not just in India but also on the global stage.

One of the most relevant aspects of Vikram’s contributions to Indian hospitality lies in his ability to combine the traditional values of his family with a forward-looking approach. He has successfully infused the group’s properties with modern amenities, cutting-edge technology and contemporary design elements to cater to the preferences of the modern traveller.

However, Vikram’s relevance extends beyond the hospitality sector. His ventures into real estate have showcased his versatility and adaptability as a business leader. Under his leadership, The Oberoi Group’s foray into luxury real estate development has been marked by the same dedication to quality and innovation that defines their hospitality offerings.

In this day and age, Vikram Oberoi stands as a beacon to Indian hospitality and real estate due to his astute understanding of evolving consumer demands, commitment to sustainability and willingness to embrace innovation. As the two industries continue to evolve, his visionary leadership and ability to strike a balance between tradition and modernity position him as a formidable force, driving the Oberois’ success and elevating the standards of the country’s hospitality and real estate on the world stage.

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