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Experience Authentic Malay Cuisine at The Oberoi, Bengaluru

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Malay cuisine can be best described as a melting pot of flavours borrowed from India, China, Middle East and some European countries surrounding the Malay Archipelago. From the tantalising laksa to the soulful curry roti—as delicious as authentic Malay food is, it’s equally hard to find in India. However, The Oberoi, Bengaluru has brought forth an unmissable opportunity to experience the taste of Kuala Lumpur in the heart of the city.

From October 11th to 15th, 2023, The Oberoi, Bengaluru will welcome celebrated Chef Saiful Asrul Bin Saidin from Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur to take over the kitchen of Wabi Sabi renowned for its exceptional culinary experiences. The chef is set to present an authentic and exceptional culinary journey through Malaysian delicacies and indigenous favourites. The menu will be available for Wabi Sabi’s dinner and lunch services.

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With a decade of experience and mastery, Chef Saiful Saidin is renowned for his impeccable attention to detail and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in Malay cuisine, locally as well as internationally. As for his outing at The Oberoi, Bengaluru, Chef Saidin said, “The menu being prepared at Wabi Sabi will offer an exceptional taste of Malay cuisine, straight from my homeland. As a chef who has undergone rigorous training and has spent my entire life in Malaysia, I am truly excited to share the wonders of my native cooking with a global audience.”

He will also be joined by Demi Chef Muhammad Alif Farhan Bin Salihin and Chef De Partie Faiz Fadhli Bin Abidin, both from Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur.

And if you’re already making a mental note of which dishes you’d want to try, Chef Saiful Saidin had some recommendations to offer. “Some unique dishes to look out for include Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Mango Kerabu and Rendang, Roti Jala with Chicken curry, and traditional Malay satays.”

Malay food in Bengaluru©The Oberoi, Bengaluru
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This festival of flavours can be attributed to the unique alliance between Oberoi Hotels and Resorts and Mandarin Oriental. Commenting on this occasion, Amit Khare, General Manager of The Oberoi Bengaluru, said, “In our commitment to providing our guests with exceptional culinary experiences, we are honoured to introduce this special menu, which promises to transport Bengalurean diners to the heart of Malaysia, offering an authentic experience, accompanied by our signature warm and sincere service.“

The Oberoi, Bengaluru is nestled in verdant grounds around a centenarian raintree and reflects the dual personalities of the city’s nature—the garden city and the technology hub. From private balconies with garden views to al fresco dining and a patio bar, the luxury hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the year-round pleasant climate and Oberoi’s world-class hospitality.

If you’re convinced to make your reservation and experience the specially-curated Malay cuisine menu by Chef Saiful Saidin as well as indulge in luxury at The Oberoi, Bengaluru, please contact +91 80 25585858.

This article has been written in association with The Oberoi, Bengaluru.