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Sidharth Malhotra’s Diet Rules Are Simple And Effective

Sidharth Malhotra is not only a walking thirst trap but is also proving to be one of the finest actors in Bollywood with his movie choices. The Shershaah star, who recently celebrated completing 10 years of working in the film industry, has always had a super fit body in every movie he has starred in since he made his debut with Student Of The Year in 2012.

Malhotra is known to be quite the fitness freak, because let’s face it, one doesn’t just end up looking as fit and fabulous as the actor does without following certain diet and workout rules. One look at his Instagram page will show you how much the Mission Majnu actor enjoys exercising and engaging in outdoor physical activities.

His fitness regime includes a number of different types of workouts, including running, dancing, martial arts, swimming, cycling, rope climbing, playing basketball and even yoga.

But the actor is also equally committed to following a healthy diet. Malhotra sticks to some rules when it comes to maintaining a fit body and staying healthy, and we’ve curated them for you.

Here are some healthy diet lessons we can learn from the heartthrob...

Know your body

Malhotra revealed in an interview that he believes in sticking to a diet plan that works for his own body, instead of following a cookie cutter meal plan or, even worse, diet trends. He said that, based on his blood type, he was advised to stay away from certain foods, including dairy and wheat and “embrace a high-protein diet”. The actor’s ‘healthy eating’ motto is all about making the right choices when it comes to food. His daily diet is tailored to suit his energy requirements of the day.

Eat the right things at the right time

Malhotra believes that you should not only eat healthy but also eat at the right time, in order to stay fit. While the actor’s first meal of the day is the heaviest, he keeps it light in the evenings and eliminates heavy foods and carbohydrates from his meals. Malhotra likes sticking to the three-meals-a-day policy and avoids munching on unhealthy snacks throughout the day. When the actor feels hungry in between meals, he grabs some dry fruits or drinks a glass of chaas. On some days, he has a bowl of fruit.

For breakfast, Malhotra will usually have some whole boiled eggs or an egg white omelette. He pairs that with a boiled or roasted sweet potato and a glass of fresh juice. The star goes for a similar protein and carbs formula for lunch and opts for some grilled chicken breast, with some steamed green veggies. On some days, he has a nutrient-rich spinach soup or some mutton stew. Lastly, the Ek Villain actor keeps it super light for dinner and eats grilled fish and roasted potatoes.

Eat cooked vegetables over raw

Malhotra prescribes eating cooked vegetables, rather than consuming them raw. This is because not only is cooking more hygienic, it is also a way to ensure that bioactive compounds in the veggies are more easily available to the body for quicker absorption.

Eat sweets in a smart way

The Delhi munda has a huge sweet tooth, and especially loves the hot chocolate fudge from Nirula’s as per an interview. However, to keep himself healthy, he has learnt to incorporate jaggery in his desserts, which he said was healthier and kept his sugar cravings under control. He also said that he only eats dark chocolate which has 70 percent cocoa.

Avoid juicing your fruits and vegetables

Malhotra revealed in an interview that he doesn‘t drink fruit juices because they are low in fibre and high in sugars. His diet is rich in whole fruits and vegetables and other organic produce.

Add ghee to your diet

Ghee, which contains loads of healthy fats and other medicinal and nutritional properties, is a must in Sid’s diet. He starts his day with a warm glass of water and bullet coffee, which is basically a mixture of black coffee and ghee or clarified butter. The star also opts for this concoction as a pre-workout drink on some days thanks to its energy-generating properties. Another way in which he adds ghee to his diet is smearing his chapatis with it in true Punjabi style, and pairs them with a simple, homemade sabzi.

Now that we’ve looked at Malhotra’s diet, it’s important to know that he is in great shape because he has been working out since the age of 18, so even if he slips up occasionally, he probably doesn’t have much to worry about. But for anyone out there looking to emulate the actor’s drop-dead gorgeous looks and his fit body, Malhotra’s wholesome diet serves big lessons in healthy and mindful eating without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Disclaimer: Do not follow a celebrity diet without consulting a professional nutritionist.