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Want To Get Fit? Check Out Rashmika Mandanna’s Workout Plan

Leading the fitness bandwagon with a bang, Rashmika Mandanna’s power packed workout plan is a source of inspiration to all her followers and fans looking to get fit. The rising star’s fitness mantra involves core-building, kickboxing, and following a balanced diet.

Acing the fitness game one day at a time, Mandanna’s Instagram profile is rife with daily workout sessions and posts revolving around her practice, growth, and progress. The Pushpa: The Rise actress is seen constantly challenging herself with new workouts, a disciplined diet, and remaining focused and consistent.

Rashmika Mandanna Workout Plan

From rigorous gym sessions to weight training and squat variations, the star prioritises building on a healthy body and mind with a balanced workout and a healthy diet regime. If you are aiming to achieve a body just like Mandanna, we’ve rounded up the fitness lessons she serves for you to take notes.

Building Your Core

Often overlooked, core strength improves your overall balance and body flexibility, making you more agile and fit. Daily activities such as walking, running, and sitting are made more efficient with a strong core as your body’s alignment improves with a strong core and the strain on your muscles and joints is also reduced as a result of that.

Brimming with benefits including improvement in posture, endurance levels and injury prevention, there are loads of fun exercises you can try out when it comes to working on your core. With the help of her fitness coach and former football player, Karan Sawhney, Mandanna performs a variety of exercises to engage her core and strengthen and stabilise her body.


If you’re stuck in an exercise rut, run, don’t walk towards a nice, exhilarating kickboxing session. What better way is there to work your midweek blues away than kicking the hell out of something? These exercises combine martial arts techniques with heart pumping cardio and will leave you energised and refreshed like never before.

The actress’ go-to is a high-intensity kickboxing session that helps reduce stress and gives her a natural high via endorphins. This is a great way to complete your weekly cardio goals without getting bored. Kickboxing is known to improve coordination all while burning mega calories and helping boost your metabolism. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or an amateur, kickboxing will help you reach your health goals in no time.

Full Body Workouts

Mandanna does a little bit of everything, for each part of her body. Since everyone’s bodies responds to the same diets and exercises in a starkly different way, it makes sense that the actress follows a balanced workout regime designed specifically to suit and cater to her unique needs. To achieve well-rounded results, you must know your own body inside out.

Dedicating certain days to certain muscle groups is a good start. From the core to the upper and lower bodies, there are many combinations of exercises you could try to ensure you’re giving just the right amount of attention to each section of your stature. A balanced regime will help you avoid the risk of injuries and asymmetry, brought about by overworking only certain parts of your body.

Eating Balanced, Healthy Meals

Disciplined diet plans are the way to go if you want to see progress. Mandanna is a fan of homemade meals and healthy munchies. She has been following a very specific vegetarian diet these days, which often includes south Indian food—which is great because idlis are as healthy (and delicious) a choice as it gets.

While the actress sticks to her diet most of the days, she also indulges in a cheat day every once in a while, because food is life, duh! It is never advisable to follow dangerous crash diets that can ruin your relationship with food for the sake of fabricated beauty standards. The actress ensures that she fuels her body with the nutrition it needs to function effectively, while building immunity and maintaining a healthy body.

Trying New Things

Whether it’s for a new role she is playing or just to make sure she’s living life to the fullest, the Goodbye actress never says never to step out of her comfort zone. She is always up for embracing new challenges and experimenting with her workout plans, and we love that.

For her movie Sarileru Neekevvaru, the star challenged herself to do parkour, which is an athletic training discipline or sport in which practitioners (called traceurs) attempt to get from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible, without assisting equipment and often while performing artistic-gymnastic maneuvers. She also performed gymnastics with backhand flips, and ended up doing so with ease. With strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina and lots of practice sessions, Mandanna is becoming the best version of herself, physically and mentally, and you can too!