Tall Han Solo Sculpture© Lucasfilms Ltd.

Behold! A 6ft Tall Han Solo Sculpture Made Out Of Bread

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

A bakery in California has combined two of the best things on this planet: Star Wars and bread.

Bakers Hannalee Pervan and Catherine Pervan, who are self-confessed “science fiction nerds”, showcased their love for one of the most iconic scenes from the Star Wars movies by sculpting it with bread.

The mother-daughter duo put together a sculpture recreating the scene from Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back when Darth Vader orders Han Solo to be frozen in carbonite.

The bakers spent a whole month painstakingly baking different sections of the sculpture and putting it together to resemble one of the most enduring images from the franchise. They did that with the help of dead dough, which is a yeast-free ornamental dough.

The ‘Pan Solo’, as it has been formally named, was built in sections that were then attached to a board. This board acted as the base for the 6-feet tall sculpture.

Accompanying the sculpture is a note by the bakers, reading, “Our hero Pan Solo has been trapped in Levainite by the evil Java the Hutt”.

The sculpture was the duo’s bakery One House Bakery’s entry to their town’s annual Scarecrow Contest.

This is, however, not the first time they have baked a sci-fi lover’s dream. Previously, they have recreated other Star Wars characters like the Mandalorian, and Baby Yoda from bread. The One House Bakery team had also baked a tribute to Game of Thrones by building a White Walker sculpture from bread and an iron throne made out of baguettes.

Despite the immense hard work and talent behind the ‘Pan Solo’ sculpture, the bakers revealed that customers have been sceptical about the edibility of the creation.

According to them, people have been suspicious about how this intricate sculpture could have been made out of bread, which is a fair doubt until you look at One House Bakery’s Instagram page where they have shared a glimpse of what went into building ‘Pan Solo’.

What do you think of this Han Solo in carb-onite?.