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Hold On To That Banana Peel For This Nutritious Benefit

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

As it turns out, banana peels have more use to them other than just being a source of laughs as people slip on them and fall hilariously. The skin of a banana holds a lot of value in terms of taste and nutrition, according to a new study.

Using banana peels in cooking is not a new thing. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has included them in curries previously, and vegan food bloggers have been popularising the use of the waste ingredient as banana peel ‘bacon’ and pulled peel ‘pork’.

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But a new research has discovered that the skin of a banana, that is usually discarded in favour of getting to the fruit, is actually super nutritious and beneficial in a lot of ways.

The food scientists discovered that if these banana peels are blanched, dried, and ground into a flour, they can be used to make baked goods that taste good and pack a variety of healthy nutrients.

When the researchers tested the banana peel flour-made cookies on volunteers, the consumers reported that the taste and texture remained same as regular sugar cookies.

According to the study, these banana peel flour cookies had more fiber, magnesium, potassium, and anti-oxidants compounds. A previous study, conducted in 2016, reported that substituting up to 10 percent of wheat flour with banana peel flour can enrich baked products with higher protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These baked products also had a shelf life of upto three months at room temperature.

While the study was done using only cookies, the scientists have reported that the flour can be used for other baked goods like breads, cakes, and pasta. A study conducted last year also found out that the vibrant yellow of a banana peel can act as a nutritious natural food colour to baked products.

The researchers have also discovered that almost 40 percent of the weight of the fruit happens to be in the form of the peel and throwing it away is a waste as it also means discarding a large percentage of the natural nutrients of the fruit.

Before you drop everything to rescue the discarded banana peels to bake healthier and delicious cookies, the researchers want you to know that a right balance has to be made in the inclusion of banana peel flour to your recipes. If gone overboard, these cookies could be off-coloured and hard. The expert recommended amount is 7.5 percent banana peel flour.

Try this one out for yourself and see the difference!