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Meet The Rising Stars Shaping Rajasthan’s Burgeoning Art Landscape

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Vishwaveer Singh

With a burgeoning art scene, the desert state is quickly becoming the place to find the best artisans and cutting-edge painters. HELLO! takes a look at some of the most gifted youngsters coming out of this vibrant hub.

The land of Maharajas and dunes, Rajasthan has been a tourist hotspot for decades, but it is within its large populace of local artisans that a new revival of sorts has enticed interior designers and art purveyors across the country. Painters, sculptors and artists experimenting with new mediums from Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur have piqued the interests of tastemakers and curators from around the world — their works and services becoming much in demand, thanks to their phenomenal talent. HELLO! takes a look at some of the newest kids on the block, some from noble families themselves, and others coming from a long line of artisans.

Zarrin Hussain

Aborn artist, Zarrin Hussain was always drawn towards the field but never pursued it as a career, instead opting for a degree in Commerce. Hailing from Jodhpur, she battled several hurdles before getting into hyperrealism and miniature charcoal drawings, creating works of art that rivalled high-definition photos themselves, adding a new dimension to the human perspective, something that has garnered immense acclaim from art aficionados across the country.

Inspiration: Zarrin’s love for Rajasthan’s life and monuments is evident in the works she does. Her portrayal of Rajasthani local folks, palaces and monuments has garnered her much appreciation from art critics the world over.

Highlights: The artist has showcased her work in numerous exhibitions, including recent ones at prestigious venues such as the Hyderabad Art Festival at The State Gallery of Art, Hyderabad, M.F. Husain Art Gallery at Jamia Millia Islamia, and IIT Kanpur. Furthermore, the artist recently announced on social media that her works are set to reach a global audience in 2024!

Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat

Hailing from Jaipur, a land steeped in culture and artistic heritage, Bhupi Boom (as he’s more popularly known) found himself surrounded by endless wellsprings of creativity. The regal splendour of India’s royalty left an indelible mark on his artistic journey. Over the past few years, he’s immersed himself in the world of vintage cars, painting monograms and family crests for Indian royalty.

Inspiration: As an artist, Bhupi’s journey has been guided by a deep reverence for nature, particularly to the intricate beauty of plants and the historical botanical prints commissioned by the Royals of England in the late 17th and 18th centuries. The meticulous study of flowers and leaves in these prints has been a constant source of inspiration for him.

Highlights: Having worked for several high-profile clients, Bhupi is best known for the bespoke services he offers. Whether it’s painting the Rolls Royces of the Poonawalla family or adorning the walls of some of Rajasthan’s most exclusive palazzos and eateries with his unique plumages and wildlife, his work speaks of excellence and exclusivity.

Madhavi Singh Rathore

Madhavi Singh Rathore is a rising star in the world of art, celebrated for her exquisite talent and unique perspective, particularly for her mastery in painting realistic subjects against minimalist backgrounds. After completing her graduation in History, she pursued her passion for artistic expression by enrolling in an art course at the JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Seeking to deepen her understanding and refine her technique, she sought mentorship from a distinguished miniature artist in Udaipur, where she honed her skills and developed her distinct style.

Inspiration: Madhavi’s artistry is characterised by her profound connection to nature and form. Her work evokes a sense of serenity and introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the world around them.

Highlights: Her art career launched with a commission for the Fateh Collection, boutique hotels in Rajasthan, leading to numerous commissions for hotels and residences across India. In 2020, she was honoured as the ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ People’s Choice Award recipient by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

Prashant Pandey

Hailing from a family of Jaipur stone carvers has given Prashant Pandey a unique approach to materials, valuing them for their intrinsic properties, often using leftover waste from marble sculptures being made of religious deities. In his works, he employs simple or minimalistic forms, but imbues them with profound meaning through the materials used, creating a sort of concrete symbolism.

Inspiration: Prashant uses recycled, reclaimed and found material like abandoned industrial containers, cigarette butts, cane trash, urine and blood — byproducts of human activity and discarded material in new ways, interrupting the utilitarian cycle of everyday life. The distortion of form slows down the act of perception between the audience and the object. In this manner, his work serves the poetic function of promoting seeing as opposed to recognising something that is already familiar and known. Although his medium is constantly shifting, his basic concern remains the same — a critical commentary on modern society.

Highlights: The two-time Lalit Kala Academy Award winner, with an MFA in Sculpture from Baroda School, had his works showcased at prestigious events including the India Art Fair, the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, the Sculpture Park at Nahargarh Fort Jaipur, and exhibitions like (M)other India at Galerie du Jour in Paris.

Vinti Gohil

Vinti, a native of Jaipur, is a visionary artist whose journey into the world of creativity has been as dynamic as it is inspiring. Born in 1997, and hailing from the acclaimed Rajpipla family in Jaipur, her affinity for fine arts blossomed during her schooling years, where she actively participated in inter-state art competitions. She credits her teachers at Children’s Academy for their encouragement and belief in her potential as an artist, which ignited her passion for creative expression. Her love for art led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Art from the College of Art, New Delhi.

Inspiration: What began as a simple experiment with a chipped glass evolved into a full-fledged exploration of artistic expression beyond traditional canvases. For Vinti, art is not confined to gallery walls; it is an integral part of daily life, enriching the mundane with beauty and creativity. Her work seeks to bridge the gap between art and functionality, demonstrating that artistic expression can seamlessly integrate into our daily lives, enhancing our interactions with the world around us.

Highlights: Last year, Vinti embarked on a 12-foot polo painting for the historic Legends Polo Club in Jodhpur, meticulously documenting her canvas journey on Instagram. Followers witnessed the players, trophy and magnificent horses spring to life as she undertook her most ambitious project to date.

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