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Expert Tips To Take Your Outfit From Lifeless To Luxury

Struggling to pick out the perfect outfit that not only makes you look good but also boosts your confidence? You’re not alone! According to recent studies, a whopping 58% of women base their outfit choices on what makes them feel better about themselves. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love the empowering feel of slipping into buttery soft leathers or the luxurious touch of 100% silk?

But piecing together an ensemble that exudes both empowerment and luxury can sometimes feel like a daunting task. That’s where we come in! The style gurus at AN-Y1, masters of contemporary sports luxe, are here to share some insider tips to help you transform your look from drab to fab. Get ready to elevate your outfit game and strut your stuff with confidence!

Expert Tips To Take Your Outfit From Lifeless To Luxury

1. Choosing the right colour combinations

Beige and sage

Beige and sage can combine to provide a fresh, elegant look to your outfit. Neutral colours such as beige are timeless and are always worth investing in, and when paired with subtle greens such as sage, it adds a subtle pop of colour and luxury to your style.

This striking pairing can be great for any occasion or event, due to the neutral tones and stylish feel they provide.

Black and White

A common staple combination, black and white is a timeless and trusty pairing. Both colours can work for almost any occasion, and can add that elegant feel to your outfit.

Whether you opt for a block colour theme or a black and white print/pattern, this monochrome effect can add that sophisticated feel to any outfit, for any occasion.

Light Blue and Orange

Combining these two complementary colours can immediately make your outfit stand out more, due to their contrasting hues. Blue and orange are timeless and elegant, meaning that however you choose to pair these colours, you will notice that your outfit takes on a new edgy feel.

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Whether you choose to combine these colours within your outfit, or add a luxurious pop of colour to your outfit with an accessory, these gorgeous shades will go a long way in making your outfit less lifeless, and more high-fashion.

2. Wearing clothes that fit nicely

There aren’t many people out there who haven’t bought an item of clothing and felt that it wasn’t as good of a fit on them as they’d hoped.

Most designer clothing however, is built to hold its shape and crafted using only the finest of materials, therefore it’s no surprise that designer garments can last for many seasons to come.

Every clothing item you purchase is an investment in your wardrobe and ensuring that clothes are to a high standard and fit appropriately can go a very long way towards creating a statement at any occasion.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on endless pieces of designer clothing. Simply pick a few pieces that are really versatile so you can get timeliness, continual wear out of them; a coat, a great fitting pair of jeans, a little black dress.

3. Mixing high-street and timeless luxury fashion

If you’re looking to achieve that luxury feel by utilising high-street fashion pieces, teaming these with timeless designer pieces can immediately generate an added luxe feel to your outfit.

Luxury pieces can work season after season, making them evergreen pieces that can amplify the finesse of your look. Examples of these high end designer staples include items such as jackets or jumpsuits.The quality of these items also means that they can last you for a much longer period of time, making them key investments that add a head turning look to your outfit, time after time.

Anu Hinduja, Creative Director of AN-Y1 provides expert commentary on how these tips can help give your outfit that luxury feel:

“When you’re looking to give your outfit that little something extra, sometimes very simple changes like accessorising, can take your outfit from bland and lifeless, to vibrant.

“For me, luxury is all about the way a material feels on your skin; I want to feel comfortable. I love soft leathers and pure silk. It’s important to keep it simple. Pick one statement piece and minimise everything else. This focuses attention, bringing sophistication to your look, while being stylish. Whatever the occasion is that you’re dressing for, incorporating such changes into your outfit can not only make you look instantly stylish, but also gives your confidence a boost. It’s important feel great in what you are wearing,” she states.