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5 Luxury Connoisseurs Show Us How To Style Heirloom Pieces

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Neeva Jain and Amber Tikari

Wholeheartedly embracing the trend of re-wearing, these connoisseurs of luxury delve into their closets for cherished family pieces, styling them with a contemporary flair exclusively for HELLO!

Memories Woven In Cashmere: Tahir Sultan

In a coat inherited from his late father, discovered unexpectedly in a house storeroom five years ago, designer Tahir reminisces how his father wore it every New Year’s Eve. The 100% cashmere piece with thread embroidery, seemingly from India or Kashmir, is, in fact, a museum-grade Saudi Arabian tribal Bedouin chieftain’s coat. Wearing the oversized jacket, Tahir is momentarily filled with a wave of sadness, missing his father. He emphasises the importance of fashion transcending generations. “In terms of sustainability, nothing trumps that, but also in terms of owning unique pieces of clothing with a rich history,” he expresses.

A Shawl’s Warm Ebrace: Ashray Gujral

The young designer received a shawl of sublime craftsmanship from his grandfather, that had been passed down to him from his father. Ashray’s grandfather frequently wore it, and for that reason, it holds great sentimental value for him. Not a frequent wearer of shawls, Ashray decided to transform it into a structured sleeveless jacket.

“It blends much more closely with my personal style, while yet maintaining the artisan work and history of the shawl,” he says, adding, “There is something beautiful about the idea of acquiring a piece knowing it will be represented in different ways through generations to come.”

Style Echoes Through Family: Minal Somany

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Styled in three cherished family heirlooms—an embroidered Kashmiri-stitched wrap, a complementary Benarasi jacket and a Rajasthani thussi—gifted to her after marriage, Minal Somany treasures them. “The thussi, gifted by my grandmother-in-law, brings back sweet memories of my early days as a bride,” shares Minal, the brand custodian of Somany Ceramics. The clothes are versatile and can styled in different ways; today, she has paired them with trousers instead of the usual sari or lehenga. Minal envisions passing down these pieces to future generations, a way of sharing not just exquisite craftsmanship but also the family’s timeless style. “Each generation can reinterpret and weave them into contemporary fashion,” she affirms.

Gara’s Generational Journey: Nitya Bharany

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Nitya Bharany of Bharany’s jewellers cherishes a nearly 100-year-old gara sari. Once part of her father-in-law’s textile collection, the sari holds a special place in her heart for reasons beyond its sheer beauty. Here, she has styled it with contemporary jewellery in a vibrant array of colours to give it a more modern feel. “This is part of our family’s collecting heritage and it’s important to pass it down to the next generation because it truly is a one-of-its-kind heirloom,” she says.

Timless Allure of Emeralds: Abha Dalmia

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The co-founder of FICCI Ladies Organisation expresses gratitude for being raised in a family where creativity, artistry, jewellery and art were instilled from an early age. She attributes the quiet elegance that flows within them to the influence of her mother and maternal grandparents, the renowned Zamindar family (titled Raja) from Allahabad, whom she considers inspirations. The flawless antique emerald locket and earrings she adorns hold a special place as her favourites. “Emeralds carry a rich history and exude luxury. These are dear to me for their pure beauty and exceptional quality,” she expresses, eagerly anticipating passing down this significant legacy to her children and grandchildren.

Text: Neeva Jain & Amber Tikari; Creative Realisation: Amber Tikari

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s December 2023 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!