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We Have Decoded The ‘Gloomy Girl’ Fashion Trend For You

In the ever-evolving realm of fashion, trends often emerge, evolve and sometimes, vanish into obscurity. In the shadows of the tomato and strawberry summer aesthetic, a new trend has stealthily crept into the spotlight right in time for autumn: gloomy girl fashion. This sulkier counterpart of the coquette-meets-goth look combines the sophistication of Little Women or Pride and Prejudice with the haunting allure of gothic folklore. It’s a style that’s as enigmatic as it is Halloween-friendly, destined to linger well into pumpkin spice season.

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So, what exactly is the essence of this emerging fashion aesthetic, and how can you effortlessly channel your inner gloomy girl? Join us on this journey through the world of eerie elegance, where curiosity, experimentation and a devil-may-care attitude reign supreme. Think Lana Del Ray meets The Vampire Diaries with a sprinkle of existential doom, and you’re on the right track.

How To Master The ‘Gloomy Girl’ Fashion Trend:

1. Embrace the Shadows: The Art of Wearing Moody Tones

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The first step in your ‘gloomy girl’ transformation is to prepare your wardrobe for an influx of moody, neutral tones. While black is undoubtedly the star of the show, consider pieces that appear slightly faded, as if they’ve been liberated from a hidden attic trunk. The goal is to evoke a sense of melancholic nostalgia, not outright gloominess.

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Monochromatic palettes are a favorite among ‘gloomy girls’, allowing space to play with textures, materials and shapes. Combine feminine and frilly pieces with edgier ones, while experimenting with different fabrics and silhouettes. Don’t shy away from oversized patterns, reminiscent of forgotten florals and whimsical notions — it’s all about striking a balance between elements that are inspired by vintage charm, paired with the grace of sophistication.

2. ‘Bow’ Down To Signature Accessories

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Bows are the signature accessory of a ‘gloomy girl’, and the runway this season has been overflowing with inspiration. Look to boudoir-inspired pieces, tie-front blouses and corsets for guidance. Compliment your look with simple drop earrings, cocktail rings and slouch socks. For those battling humidity, a bonnet or veil can tame unruly locks while adding a touch of Victorian elegance.

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When it comes to footwear, ‘gloomy girls’ have an array of options. Whether it’s chunky buckle strap shoes aka Mary Janes, tasseled loafers (think Prada), sharp stilettos or trainers, there’s a shoe for every mood and outfit.

3. From Night To Day: The Versatility Of Nightgowns

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Nightgowns aren’t just for bedtime in the world of ‘gloomy girls’. These versatile garments come in a range of styles, from sensuous lace ensembles to understated, modest cotton variations. It can even effortlessly transition into daytime wear with the right styling. Add a touch of playfulness by incorporating charming petticoats, frilly knickers, or creatively embellished lingerie. Alternatively, embrace the nostalgia of classic cotton separates, reminiscent of the misty summers depicted in Rebecca or The Haunting of Hill House.

4. Play With Silhouettes

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‘Gloomy girls’ love to experiment with silhouettes to create otherworldly and unpredictable outfits. Use shapeless nightgowns to offset bulky boots or trainers, balance bishop-sleeve blouses with sleek A-line skirts, and drape washed cotton dresses over sturdy cowboy boots. The key is to embrace dissonance and tension, making your look all the more compelling—like you belong in the Mystic Falls of 1864.

Surprise factor: Capes of diverse textures, lengths and materials can serve as striking statement pieces that infuse an air of feminine elegance into your ensembles.

5. Crafting Your ‘Gloomy Girl’ Vibe

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To fully immerse yourself in the ‘gloomy girl’ aesthetic, curate a playlist that aligns with your brooding mood. Think The Cure, Chelsea Wolfe, Bat For Lashes, London Grammar, or Marina And The Diamonds. Embrace the melancholic melodies made by the queen of the ‘sad-girl’ aesthetic, Lana Del Rey, or discover hidden gems like Emma Ruth Rundle’s album, On Dark Horses. Closer to home, you can listen to the tunes by Pratik Kuhad, Monica Dogra, electronic music duo Sulk Station or Zeb Bangash, known for her work in the band Zeb and Haniya.

Ultimately, the key to embracing the ‘gloomy girl’ fashion trend is to tune into your mood and vibe rather than chasing trendy pieces. So, switch over to the ‘darkside’, what are you waiting for?