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Dress Like Your Favourite Iconic Character This Halloween

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

We are a little more than a month away from the spookiest night of the season. When Halloween comes around, so do we with our best costumes that truly guarantee us a night to remember. If you, like us, spend most of your leisure time binge-watching movies and shows, you need to bring your love for your favourite character out on Halloween. But while there are many costumes you can try out, there are few characters that stand out thanks to their beauty and eccentric personality. Here are some of our favourite quirky characters that you can dress up as for this Halloween.

Regina George From Mean Girls

Regina George From Mean Girls©Paramount Pictures

The iconic Regina George is an ultimate Halloween favourite for many. While her style statement has always yelled ‘Queen Bee’, it’s her one specific outfit that shows you how truly chaotic Regina George is. It’s hard to forget her white tank top with the two holes, which initially started as a prank but soon became a mega-style trend. All you need is a tank top you don’t mind saying goodbye to, a colourful bra, and your preferred pair of bottoms and you are good to go!

Gracie Hart From Miss Congeniality

Gracie Hart From Miss Congeniality©Fortis Films

Found a beautiful slip dress and a pair of your trusted combat boots in your wardrobe? Now all you need is a sash and you’ll be transformed into pagent queen and FBI agent Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality. This look is chic and super comfortable, making it perfect for a long and fun night.

Emily Cooper From Emily In Paris

Emily Cooper From Emily In Paris

Emily Cooper has us all wishing that we too were living our best lives in the city of love, Paris. So, just for one night, let’s turn into Emily and live the life of an almost Parisian, or at least look like one with your favourite plaid co-ord set that will keep you chic and warm. But it’s impossible to look like Emily without her iconic beret, so make sure that it’s as vibrant and quirky as our favourite American in Paris.

Cher Horowitz From Clueless

Cher Horowitz From Clueless©Paramount Pictures

A true icon, Cher Horowitz is the queen of ’90s fashion and no one could ever come closer. Her yellow plaid co-ord set is still a fashion favourite for many of us, so it’s only fair that we bring that outfit back and bring out our true Cher energy!

Lady Bird From Lady Bird

Lady Bird From Lady Bird©IAC Films

Stuck with a cast this Halloween? Let’s make the most out of it by making it a part of a costume! Just like the movie, opt for a white T-shirt, a dark blue sweater vest and a short grey pleated skirt and you are good to go! Bonus points if you can paint your cast in the brightest shade of pink you can find.

Rue From Euphoria

Rue From Euphoria©HBO Max

Want to play extremely low-key this Halloween? Just opt for a grey baggy T-shirt, a pair of baggy jeans and sneakers with some glitter on your eyes, and you are ready to go to the party as Rue from Euphoria!

Daphne From Scooby Doo

Daphne From Scooby Doo©Mosaic Media Group

If you have an undying love for purple and want to bring it out on Halloween night, let us introduce you to an iconic character who shares your love for the vibrant colour. Daphne is the stylish one in Mystery Inc. and can never be caught in anything that’s not purple. So in true Daphne style, throw on a fitted purple short dress and pair it with some knee-length boots. To make the look more retro chic, curl the ends of your hair in soft ringlets and add a bright purple or green scarf to complete the look!