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Celebrities That Are Blessed With A Green Thumb

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Plants have been known to have a positive impact on people. Good for your heart and mind, taking up gardening as a hobby can be quite relaxing— especially if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty. And while you may think that gardening can only be done in a ‘garden’, that’s not the case at all. Lots of people are indulging in the activity in smaller spaces and are, in fact, bringing potted plants indoors.

Many have started their green space by simply growing a few herbs for their meals, which then turned into a whole garden, right at home. Today, instead of adopting pets, millennials and GenZ folks are bringing in plants and calling themselves a ‘Plant Parent’. In fact, some of the proudest plant parents happen to be our favourite B-town celebrities. From Saif Ali Khan’s bonding time with his kids to Anushka Sharma’s favourite ‘Me Time’ activity, gardening is fast becoming the relaxing activity everyone indulges in.

Celebrities With A Green Thumb

Here are the celebrities we love to follow for all the ‘growing’ content on their feed!

Dia Mirza Rekhi

An ardent advocate for the environment, Dia Mirza Rekhi focuses on the importance of green living and believes in encouraging the younger generation to do the same. Well connected to nature, one would often find pictures of her beautiful garden babies on her Instagram.

Saif Ali Khan

Who doesn’t love a good father-son bonding session? Especially if you are spending that time repotting your new floral babies? Saif Ali Khan has a keen interest in tending to his home garden, and one can often find pictures of his beautiful garden throughout the year.

Anushka Sharma

Plants are truly people’s best friends, just like our furry pals. Anushka Sharma’s Instagram page has a good share of her gardening endeavours, proving that even in the high rises of Mumbai, you can always create a tranquil spot of nature.

Juhi Chawla

Another celebrity who loves to be connected to nature, Juhi Chawla’s Instagram deserves a special mention. From giving her fans some backyard gardening tips to documenting her journey as a plant parent, her love for nature knows no bounds. She’s also an advocate of planting more trees, as we all should be.

Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is known for her highly effective green thumb, and one can see it in the backyard of her beautiful abode. Her magical ability to turn any space into a green haven is just another one of her many talents (aside from being an outstanding writer and producer). Often seen giving us a few glimpses of her sanctuary in the backyard of her Mumbai home, Twinkle’s love for nature radiates through her Instagram page, usually served with a side of witty captions.