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Turn Your Home Into A Plant Paradise With These Essential Tips

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When the world moved indoors at the onset of the pandemic, it took the outdoors inside with it. Two years on, the penchant for biophilic design has stuck around—and in dozens in innovative ways, no less! We explore the various ways to connect with nature from the comfort of our homes, blurring the lines between the outdoors and indoors.

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Play Mix & Match

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Get creative and put together plants of varying heights, sizes and complementary colours to add visual depth to your personal space. With some trial and error, you’ll master the art of getting the right green aesthetic. Place smaller plants on the shelves and medium-sized ones on window sills; let the taller ones rest on the floor, adorning corners and holding their own. This treatment will look organised and also exude a sense of harmony and rhythm.

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Load Up On Succulents

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Succulents may be tiny and seemingly inconsequential, but they will breathe life into your home. Not only do they guarantee beautiful ornamentation, they’re also a popular choice for their low-maintenance nature—succulents require minimal water and light to thrive; their thick wax-like leaves are resistant to pests; they are slow-growing and require minimal pruning. We suggest you try the Burro’s Tail, Variegated Elephant Bush, Jade, Echeverias and Chalk Dudleyas.

Soak It Up In A Sunroom

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Let some vitamin sunshine seep through the glass panes and boost your mood as you lounge around on lazy Sundays. All you need is an open, free space with a view and abundant sunlight. The perfect solution to adding value to your home, sunrooms let you feel the outdoors indoors, all while surrounded by the greens of your choice. For optimum enjoyment, position your furniture at angles that keep you away from direct sunlight through UV-protective glass, all while letting you relish the best view without the worry of creepy crawlies getting in.

Play With Pots & Planters

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Whether concrete, brass, fibreglass or ceramic, the container trend for your green friends is hot right now. Antique, artsy, painted or printed, select a statement piece that will draw attention at first glance and elevate a room, or go for a classic planter look with elegant shades that will pop against your walls.

Install Indoor Vertical Gardens

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A go-to biophilic design concept, a vertical garden is a living wall, with plants taking root on an upright surface that’s fused with a hydration and fertigation system. These panels not only add a dramatic statement to a small living space, but also have a soul-soothing impact, with benefits of better air quality and a balanced room temperature. With no extra effort needed and limitless choices, a diverse variety of houseplants and herbs work well in vertical gardens.

Try Complementary Colours

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In décor, colour isn’t restricted to the hues on your walls or the contrasting shades of your furnishings. The psychology of colour and its associated emotions affect your mood and the overall atmosphere of a household—a philosophy that extends to the various forms of green that nature has to offer. Explore combinations of greens and tones of aqua for a cooling effect and shades of amber and honey for warmth; or curate a special palette from one of your favourite landscapes. Let your colour choices resonate with your personality.

Bring The Ivies Indoors

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Picture healthy strands of this gracious plant waterfalling through hanging baskets. A lovely image, isn’t it? With the right amount of care, the trailing vines of these elegant leaves can bring together the perfect natural landscaping in your home. Mostly an outdoor choice, exceptions like the English, Glacier and Bettina Ivy can be easy houseplants, albeit with the right amount of water, humidity and indirect sunlight.

Complement Ceiling Lights

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A promising way to draw the eye upward, hanging plants have become a popular way to incorporate biophilic design into a space. These cost-effective yet luxe and visually appealing accessories complement statement ceiling lights well, with trailing houseplants adding a unique jungle vibe to a room. Make sure that the plant—be it a String Of Pearls, Pothos or Rope Hoyas—is lightweight and potted into an appropriate planter.

Go Faux When Always On The Go

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Biophilic designs don’t necessarily need to include real plants. For those seeking green therapy but are always on the go, faux or artificial plants are the perfect alternative. These natural-looking, no-fuss setups do away with the nitty-gritties of watering and optimal exposure to sunlight, making them the ultimate choice of décor for those hard-pressed for time. Arrange some by the windows, or even outdoors—they’ll blend in regardless of the setting.

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