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‘Concealer Lips’ Are Back With A Modern Twist On Y2K Nostalgia

Step aside, time machines, because the beauty realm is taking a nostalgic trip back to the early 2000s with the resurrection of a trend we thought we’d left behind—concealer lips. But fear not, because this Y2K make-up throwback is getting a modern makeover, courtesy of none other than the trendsetter herself, Sofia Richie Grainge. Ahead, we’ll explore how to rock the concealer lips trend without summoning ghosts from our awkward, foundation-covered past.

The Y2K Resurgence

As Y2K trends, including butterfly clips, thin brows, frosted eyeshadow and lowrise jeans (the horror!), weave their way back into the spotlight, concealer lips are making a surprising comeback too. Forget the cakey and ghostly memories; it’s time for a fresh take on this make-up hack that’s got the beauty community buzzing.

Sofia Richie’s Modern Twist

Sofia Richie Grainge, the queen of quiet luxury, has not only embraced the concealer lips trend but has given it a 2023 facelift. In a recent TikTok tutorial, she unveiled a pumpkin spice lip look that redefines the concealer lips game.

A Delightful Modern Hack

Richie-Grainge’s approach to concealer lips involves a few strategic steps that distance us from the pasty pouts of yesteryear. Let’s break down the steps to achieve a chic and sophisticated concealer lips look:

Steps To Achieve Concealer Lips 2.0:

Start With A Base: Begin by applying your favourite deep brown lipstick shade all over your lips. Sofia opts for YSL Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Sticks for added dimension.

Blend And Layer: Use your fingertip to blend the deep brown shade, creating a seamless transition. Layer a lighter shade on top to enhance the ombre effect and add dimension.

The Tiny Dot Technique: Here’s the secret sauce—apply the tiniest, tiniest dot of concealer to the centre of your upper and lower lip. This technique creates a beautiful ombré lip combo without the heavy, cakey feel.

Diffuse To Perfection: Blend the concealer with your fingertip to diffuse it seamlessly into the lipstick, avoiding any harsh lines. This step ensures a more defined and polished look.

The Bottom Line

While some may scoff at the return of concealer lips, it’s undeniable that Richie-Grainge’s version is a renaissance of the trend. The comments section may be filled with bewildered millennials, but as we dive into this trend, it’s apparent that concealer lips are no longer synonymous with confusion and dryness. After all, who said make-up can’t be a fun trip down memory lane with a fresh, contemporary spin?