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Cherry Cola Lips Are The Latest 90s Make-Up Trend On The Rise

TikTok has once again unleashed a new beauty sensation, and this time, it’s all about the lips. Move over coffee-inspired ‘Latte Makeup’, because ‘Cherry Cola Lips’ are the latest beverage-driven fixation for over 12.2 million social media make-up aficionados. Drawing inspiration from Lana Del Rey’s sultry Americana vibes and the nostalgic charm of cherry cola, this trend combines rich browns and intense berry shades to create a rich, glossy pout. Ahead, we’ll dive deep into the cherry cola lips trend and explore how you can achieve this look.

The Cherry Cola Lips Aesthetic: A Tribute to Americana

The cherry cola lips trend finds its roots in the enchanting lore of Lana Del Rey’s discography. With songs like ‘Cola’, ‘Bartender’ and ‘Florida Kilos’, she embraces the sultry side of idealistic Americana, evoking feelings of nostalgia and sweetness. TikTok’s version of the trend adds an upbeat twist, like a Fourth of July take on the classic ‘90s dark lip liner.

Crafting the Perfect Cherry Cola Lips

Creating the perfect cherry cola lips involves a three-step process: a polished base, a buttery lip liner, and a lacquered lip gloss. Begin by prepping the lips with a nourishing lip scrub and following up with a thin layer of hydrating balm.

Then, define the shape using a lip liner slightly darker than your natural lip tone. The goal is to achieve an ombré finish, reminiscent of the rich browns found in cola syrup and the berry hues of cherries.

The Magic Ingredients

To achieve this look, matte lipsticks are out, and creamy lip liners and high-shine glosses are in. Opt for a lip liner a few shades darker than your skin tone to create a natural shadow effect. As for the gloss, TikTokers are raving about the Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm in ‘Lure’ and the Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Cream in ‘Fruit Snackz’.

Embracing the Coquette Aesthetic

Lana Del Rey’s coquette-inspired persona shines through in the cherry cola lips trend. It’s all about dark-yet-natural lip colours, which align perfectly with Gen Z’s favourite TikTok trends offering both subtlety and drama. The brown and red tones offer a flushed, vibrant hue that’s moody yet attractive, making it a hit among beauty enthusiasts and brooding Lana fans.

How to Get the Look

Achieving the cherry cola lip is surprisingly simple. Start by overlining the centre of both your upper and lower lips, then follow your natural lip line as you reach the corners. Fill in the outer corners with the lip liner to create dimension. Finally, apply the cherry-red or berry lip gloss all over the lips, focusing on the centre for a luscious finish.

Beyond the Lips: Completing the Cherry Cola Look

For the cherry cola lips to truly shine, it’s essential to complement the look with a fresh face. A tinted moisturiser, paired with a soft focus powder can create a polished base, while defining the eyes with a warm brown kohl pencil and volumising mascara keeps the focus on the lips.

So, if you’re looking to swap your classic red lipstick for something juicier and Wednesday Addams-esque, the cherry cola lips trend is the perfect sip of beauty for you.