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An Expert Unveils The Top 5 Skincare Trends For Men In 2023

In the realm of skincare, evolution is the name of the game. As we step into 2023, the world of dermatology promises some exciting beauty and skincare trends that are expected to make waves, particularly in the realm of men’s skincare. Dr. Akanksha Sanghvi, an aesthetic dermatologist and the founder of Oprava Aesthetics, takes us on a journey through these five cutting-edge trends, some of which might surprise you, as they’ve largely remained under the radar for women.

Top 5 Beauty and Skincare Trends for Men in 2023

1. Brotox: Redefining Youth for Men

Dr. Sanghvi introduces us to a term that has been buzzing in the digital sphere — Brotox. She explains, “Brotox is nothing but Botox (botulinum toxin injections) for men. Men tend to have thicker brow muscles and inclined foreheads compared to women, making the administration of ‘Brotox’ injections a specialised craft.”

These micro-injections of Botox are strategically placed to treat frown lines and the notorious ‘number 11’ lines that often appear between the brows. Dr. Sanghvi’s insight reveals that the dosage and injection pattern for men differ significantly from that for women. It’s all about subtle refinement, a trend that women have embraced as well.

2. Sculpting a Razor-Sharp Jawline

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One trend that’s set to become a defining feature of 2023 is the Square Jaw Treatment. Dr. Sanghvi elaborates, “Square jawlines are highly coveted among men as they impart a masculine allure. This treatment involves the use of dermal fillers, injected into the chin and jawline, to contour and enhance the lower face, thus augmenting facial structure.”

While this beauty trend is not exclusive to men, it’s becoming increasingly popular among them as they seek non-surgical methods to refine their appearance without resorting to invasive procedures.

3. Battling the Double Chin: Lipolysis

For men with lean bodies but a persistent double chin, there’s a solution on the horizon — double chin lipolysis. Dr. Sanghvi explains, “Men who want to eliminate the bulk under their chin and jawline can opt for injections of a fat-melting solution containing deoxycholic acid. This disrupts fat cell membranes and solubilizes excess fat cells.”

This treatment offers an alternative to surgical procedures, catering to men’s desire for a more sculpted jawline.

4. Precision in Grooming: Beard Shaping Laser

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While laser hair reduction is not a novel concept, beard shaping laser hair reduction is a trend that is gaining traction among men. Dr. Sanghvi clarifies, “This treatment uses lasers to target unwanted hair follicles on the face and neck, helping men achieve a neatly groomed appearance. Multiple sessions result in reduced hair thickness and patchiness.”

By focusing on the cheeks and neck, this innovative approach allows men to maintain a well-defined beard shape without the hassle of daily grooming.

5. Erasing the Tired Look: Dark Circles Laser Treatment

Periorbital dark circles are a common concern for both men and women, but men often shy away from eye creams. Dr. Sanghvi highlights an emerging trend, “Men with erratic schedules or hereditary dark circles can opt for dark circles laser treatment. This quick and painless procedure targets pigment-forming cells and excess pigmentation around the eyes.”

The treatment takes only 5 minutes and has no down time. The result? Rejuvenated, fresh and even-toned skin around the eyes after a couple of sessions.

While these trends are not exclusive to men, they are gaining popularity among the male demographic. Dr. Sanghvi notes that men are increasingly seeking non-invasive methods to enhance their facial features and address skincare concerns without downtime.

Navigating Men’s Skincare: Simplicity is Key

Historically, men have been less inclined to embrace elaborate skincare routines. Dr. Sanghvi offers insights into simplifying skincare for men, stating, “Some men just don’t prefer the layering technique that women opt for. They often seek out multi-action products that address all skin concerns in one bottle. Exfoliation is recommended twice a week to keep daily routines manageable.”

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So, how can men develop a no-fuss skincare routine? “Using prescribed shaving creams and after-shave if you have sensitive skin can help men build their shaving routine without disrupting the skin pH and barrier,” Dr Sanghvi advises.

“In case of toners for men, spray-based toners with ingredients like ceramides, B5, AHA and BHA are preferred, as they simplify application and don’t need to be applied with fingers or using cotton pads. Lastly, men tend to not double cleanse, so multi-action cleansers that are creamy and foamy help to exfoliate the skin, remove impurities and at the same time leave the skin feeling hydrated are preferred,” she added.

Ingredients Catering to Men’s Needs

Dr. Sanghvi sheds light on ingredients that benefit men’s skin, such as kaolin clay for oil control, charcoal for refreshing the skin and allantoin for post-shave irritation:

Kaolin Clay: Men’s face masks and cleansers tend to have a lot of kaolin clay, and zeolite clay that have clarifying properties that help in degreasing oily skin in men.

Charcoal: Though liked by women too, charcoal is a common ingredient found in men’s skin care in the form of masks, face washes, body washes that can help refresh the skin. Masks and nose strips containing charcoal are popular for men as they help remove the stubborn comedones or black heads, especially around the nose area for men.

Allantoin: Allantoin is a metabolic chemical found in animals and plants known for its moisturising properties. It is a common ingredient in aftershaves and shaving creams for men that can help soothe skin irritation and treat rough, scaly and flaky skin in men who have increased skin sensitivity after shaving.

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel helps in revitalising and repairing skin cells without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Hence some natural ingredients based aftershaves tend to contain witch hazel instead of ethanol which works as a great anti-inflammatory for men with sensitive or acne prone skin.

While these ingredients are not gender-specific, they address typical male skincare concerns effectively.

The Future of Gender-Neutral Skincare

Regarding the future of skincare products tailored specifically for men, Dr. Sanghvi suggests, “Most skin care companies focus on gender neutral products as skin care ingredients work on the exact same principle whether it is a man or a woman, whether used on young skin or mature skin. A hyaluronic acid or a niacinamide is going to exert the same action on skin cells which is not gender specific. So the future in skin care may not formulate a specific brand or range just for men unless it’s a shaving product category or body washes with more masculine fragrance.”

Unexplored Territories: Shaving and Body Care

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Dr. Sanghvi points out some lesser-known facts that could shape skincare trends in the coming year. Shaving creams and after-shave products are still areas ripe for innovation, with a focus on natural ingredients to prevent skin issues after shaving. Body care, especially addressing back acne, folliculitis and blemishes, has been largely overlooked but deserves attention through products containing glycolic or salicylic acid.

Furthermore, men’s lip care products, designed to hydrate and nourish without colour or gloss, can offer a new dimension to men’s skincare. “Dry lips in men tend to be ignored, which may be due to UV exposure, repeated lip licking and vitamin deficiencies. Lip care products in men that do not have colour or gloss and rather focus on hydrating and nourishing the lips can be a great addition to the future skincare in men,” Dr. Sanghvi concludes.

In summary, as we step into 2024, the skincare landscape for men is evolving, with an increasing emphasis on non-invasive treatments, simplified routines, and products tailored to their specific needs. Dr. Akanksha Sanghvi’s insights reveal a world of possibilities that promise to redefine the male grooming experience while offering valuable lessons that women can also incorporate into their skincare routines.