Scandi Hairline Trend© Sofia Richie Grainge

The ‘Scandi Hairline’ Trend Is Perfect For A Sun-Kissed Look

In the world of TikTok microtrends, it’s hard not to feel slightly deranged with each outlandishly named trend that pops up. But behind these wacky names lies something intriguing, like the latest hair trend making waves on our FYPs: the ‘Scandinavian hairline.’

This hair trend offers the perfect way to add a touch of lightness and radiance to your summer look. Let’s delve into everything you need to know about the Scandi hairline trend, and how you can achieve it yourself.

The Scandi Hairline: Embrace The Bright Halo

Imagine having a natural, sun-kissed halo encircling your face, as if you were a Nordic god or goddess with perpetually perfect blonde hair. That’s precisely what the Scandi hairline aims to create—a seamless, bright frame around your face that exudes effortless beauty, devoid of dark roots and regrowth.

The Technique

Unlike traditional highlighting methods that can result in alternating bright and dark strands in the hairline, the Scandi hairline takes a unique approach. This freehand hair processing technique focuses solely on the perimeter of your hair, bringing brightness and radiance that beautifully complements your complexion.

It’s A Trend For All

Don’t fret if you’re not Scandinavian or a natural blonde because the Scandi hairline is accessible to everyone, regardless of hair colour. The technique involves your colourist expertly applying lightener directly onto your hairline, including the finer baby hairs around your face that were not highlighted previously. This transformative process occurs at the shampoo bowl after the rest of your hair has been highlighted.

Achieving The Perfect Look

Even if you have a darker base colour, you can still achieve stunning results with the Scandi hairline. Timing, product choice, and lift become crucial factors in this scenario. By using a gentle lightening product that subtly shifts the hair without causing over-lightening or unwanted warmth, you can achieve a natural and harmonious look. A one or two-level lightening of the dark hairline will typically suffice.

Low-Maintenance Beauty

Contrary to what you might expect, maintaining the Scandi hairline trend is surprisingly low-maintenance. Correctly done, touch-up visits to the salon are generally required every three months. However, if you choose to extend your appointments, a gloss service is recommended to keep your hair looking fresh. Additionally, adopting a suitable wash routine and using colour-maintaining treatments will help preserve the vibrancy of your hair.

Who’s This Trend For?

While the trend may have initially appealed to blondes with highlighted hair, its versatility allows customisation for different hair colours and skin tones. Lighter brown face-framing pieces can add dimension to brunettes, while strawberry blonde hues can enhance the beauty of redheads. Darker-haired individuals can opt for caramel or chocolate tones to achieve a naturally sun-kissed face-framing effect.

Before diving headfirst into the salon and requesting the Scandi hairline treatment, consider a few essential factors. As the hairline is more delicate, it’s crucial to handle heat styling with care. Additionally, as the highlights grow out, you may notice a more pronounced contrast. Embrace the regrowth or consult your colorist to help blend the colours seamlessly.

Do We Swipe Right On This Hair Trend?

This hair trend presents a fun and versatile way to elevate your summer look, regardless of your hair colour. Whether you’re a natural blonde or a brunette, this technique offers the perfect touch of brightness and dimension to your hair. Remember to treat your hairline gently, opt for colour-protecting products, and indulge in deep conditioning treatments to keep your strands healthy and vibrant.

So, channel your inner Nordic goddess and embrace the Scandi hairline trend this summer and beyond!