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Are ‘Scalp Facials’ The Secret To Fuller & Healthier Hair?

Often the most overlooked part of our self-care routine, our poor scalp goes through so much with all the products and treatments we regularly subject it to. Can this be the reason why our hair refuses to resemble the shiny and bouncy hair we regularly see in commercials and on celebrities? According to experts (and many beauty influencers online),

Haircare Guide

The Ultimate Haircare Guide To Follow This Monsoon

As the skies cloud over outdoors, your hair is likely responding to the increased humidity with a burst of rebellion of its own. Frizz, flyaways and hairfall are some of the most common concerns of the season, but the good news is that a proper haircare routine can help you keep all of them at bay. The first order of business? Ensuring that you are


5 Stunning Hairstyles That You Can Try This Summer Wedding Season

Wedding season is the best season of the year. Wearing your favourite outfits, eating great food, and dancing to some chart-topping Bollywood songs, weddings are all about having a good time. But as the temperatures rise, getting your hairstyle to look effortlessly chic till the end of the event becomes almost impossible. With the heat constantly d