sanjana sanghi haircare© Sanjana Sanghi

Sanjana Sanghi’s Haircare Routine Is Easy-Peasy & Effective

Aishwarya Dravid
Head Digital

Ever wanted to know a celebrity’s secret behind that dewy, glowing skin? Or what’s the diet behind their thick, shiny hair? Lucky for you, there’s no need to wonder any more. Us girls at HELLO! are always on the lookout for tricks of the trade that will ensure we never have bad hair or skin day, and that’s why we never miss a chance to have a little beauty tête-à-tête of our own with our favourite celebrities.

sanjana sanghi haircare©Sanjana Sanghi

This time, it was with Sanjana Sanghi. The Dil Bechara actor, who has envy-worthy skin and hair, gave us the dish on what she does to ensure her mane is as amazing IRL as it is on screen. From her hero products to what she’s most conscious of, consider these tips the celebrity cheat sheet that you’ve been looking for.

HELLO!: What does your everyday haircare routine look like?

Sanjana Sanghi: “I’ll be honest, I wasn’t ever mentally prepared for how much an actor’s hair goes through. I’m not someone who even grew up owning a blowdryer; I used to wash my hair and let it air-dry throughout my teens, right till I was in college. And then, suddenly, when I became a full-time actor I was on set more days than I’m not, and the constant use of heating tools really attacks the quality of your hair. So, whether it’s old-style champis, longer hair rituals or lots of deep conditioning, I have to do it all.”

sanjana sanghi haircare©Sanjana Sanghi

H!: Do you have a haircare secret that has been passed down in your family?

SS: “Honestly, no. My mom and my nani [grandmother] have always been very easy-peasy. I never saw them use too much make-up or do anything much to their hair, but what they’ve always insisted on is diet. I now see that your hair quality is directly related to what you eat. So, if you have a wholesome, nutritious, balanced diet, that’s going to show in the quality of your hair. In fact, I’ve noticed that whenever my food habits go awry, there’s suddenly more breakage and more hairfall. So the best secret they’ve passed on to me is to eat sumptuous amounts of food and eat everything, because that really shows in your hair and your skin.”

sanjana sanghi haircare©Sanjana Sanghi

H!: Your hair always looks voluminous and frizz-free. What’s your go-to styling product?

SS: “[laughs] I grew up in Delhi actually and my hair used to behave very differently. But ever since I moved to Mumbai, six years ago, the humidity here made me aware of what frizz even is. I have really fine hair, which doesn’t frizz up actually, so it’s never been an issue for me. But now I use a cocktail of products, depending on the need. But, it’s usually the Kérastase Genesis Range that has a bunch of conditioners and serums, and I also use a scalp vitaliser by Indulgeo Essentials, which is lovely.”