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5 DIY Haircare Recipes That Celebrities Swear By

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Hasina Khatib

Given how much time celebrities spend getting their hair styled and teased into elaborate hairstyles every single day, it stands to reason that they are vigilant about its aftercare as well. However, if you thought that haircare meant checking into blue-chip salons and spas, the new crop of celebrities will like you to pause and consider the all-natural recipes that they rely on to make their hair shine like never before.

Sara Ali Khan: Onion Juice

While she admits that this home remedy “takes guts”, the payoff for applying onion juice on the scalp in lieu of hair oil comes in the form of an additional dose of antioxidants that can boost hair growth, while also keeping scalp infections and dandruff at bay.

Janhvi Kapoor: Amla

Haircare remedies are often passed down from mother to daughter, and the Kapoor household is no different. Among the haircare rituals that she now practises is a cherished secret that she learned from her late mother, Sridevi that involved an intensive hair massage every three days using homemade amla oil.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas: Yoghurt

As the founder of Anomaly, Chopra Jonas clearly knows a thing, or twenty, about haircare and topping her list of at-home remedies is yoghurt. While she swears by its properties as a glow-enhancing face mask, she also recommends mixing yoghurt with lemon juice as a hair mask for adding moisture to over-styled, parched tresses.

Jacqueline Fernandez: Egg Whites

While the notion of applying egg whites to your hair might not sound appealing, the payoff is worth the effort. Just ask Fernandez, who relies on egg whites for glossy locks and tops it off with a beer rinse for additional shine.

Shanaya Kapoor: Avocado

While the soothing properties might make avocados a mainstay in skincare routines, Kapoor also vouches for its benefits for the hair. A potent source of biotin, a weekly mask session can help boost hair growth and vitality.