wrong shoe theory

‘The Wrong Shoe Theory’ Thrives On The Unexpected

Are you tired of playing it safe with your fashion choices? Do you crave a little excitement and want to stand out from the crowd? Well, hold on to your shoe racks because we have a fashion hack that will turn heads and make you the talk of the town. Introducing the ‘Wrong Shoe Theory’—a quirky and unconventional approach to footwear that will revo

Jeans Boots

Is The Viral ‘Jeans Boots’ Trend Worth Trying?

Another day, another viral trend—and this time, it’s the lovechild between knee-high boots with pointed toes and heels and jeans. Fashion influencers on TikTok and Instagram are slashing their old denim jeans to make the DIY version of the ‘jeans boots’ after Swedish supermodel and influencer Elsa Hosk shared a picture of her wearing them and amass

7-Eleven X Crocs Collection

The New 7-Eleven X Crocs Collection Is As Quirky As You Think

Just when we thought that Crocs couldn’t get crazier with their collaborations, they drop the collab of the year. After getting together with some of the best artists and brands in the world like Balenciaga, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny to name a few, Crocs just launched their new collaboration with mega convenience store 7-Eleven. The collection w